I’m allergic to fish eggs and chicken. Every time I eat them I get rashes on my face. What could be the problem?

Food allergies are mostly classified as Type-1, hypersensitivity reactions. The allergens can be found either as a proteinous component of a food or added preservatives and colouring agents. It usually starts with skin rashes, mostly urticarial (hives) in appearance, but sometime can be seen as reddish skin eruptions consisting of micropapular lesions. It can start from any part of the body and can either remain localised to that part but mostly they spread to other body areas causing a generalised reaction. On the treatment front, each type of allergic reactions have different treatment/management plans and strategies which are tailored according to the patient’s clinical presentation and results of the laboratory investigations. In your case, you must stop eating the suspected foods immediately as repeated exposures can keep challenging the human immune system, which can lead to a surprisingly intense reaction.

I’m a 28-year-old woman suffering for several years from an intolerance of my skin to majority of makeup products. Please help.

Our first diagnostic impression is that you are suffering from sensitive skin syndrome. The major clinical diagnostic indicators of a sensitive skin are mostly based on the degree and frequency of intolerant behaviour of the sufferer’s skin. This intolerant behaviour of the skin is mainly due to irritant reactions to a wide range of ingredients of different skincare products. A large number of environmental factors also contribute towards the complexity of diagnosis and management of the condition. Clinical studies suggest that about 25-30 per cent of such reactions can be allergic in nature, manifesting themselves in form of allergic contact dermatitis. The irony is that both types of reactions, that is, irritant and allergic, have quite similar clinical presentations, making conclusive diagnosis quite difficult. We suggest you consult an experienced dermatologist. You will definitely need an Extended Skin Allergy Patch Testing to rule out allergic contact dermatitis to any of the ingredients in your cosmetics, toiletries, perfumery or other skin care products. Positive detection of allergens through skin patch test will need a total elimination of these chemical from your skin care products. Our advice is to give a break in the use of heavy makeup and using too much of so-called routine skincare products. This offers breathing time for skin to regain its lost integrity and allow it to behave normally.