Cooking with Paris

  • 21 Aug - 27 Aug, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Based on Paris Hilton’s YouTube video series, Cooking with Paris shows the proto-influencer in the kitchen, cooking meals with friends and family. She doesn’t know her way around the kitchen very well and some of the things she comes up with are more fun in concept than execution. There’s also a lot of glitter involved. But, armed with her colourful, bedazzled book of recipes, she and her friends barrel through the meal, anyway. In the first episode, Hilton plans a brunch for her old friend Kim Kardashian. She has party planners set up the dining room with dozens of white balloons to make it look like the two of them are brunching in a cloud. The night before, Paris makes “Sliving Blue Marshmallows” as a tribute to the marshmallows in her favourite cereal. She even puts edible glitter on the top before she puts her mix in the fridge to solidify. When Kim comes the next day, Paris – in a white dress – hopes that she knows her way around the kitchen a little better than she does. As they sit down to eat, the two of them recall their partying days and Kim marvels at how the 40-year-old Paris basically hasn’t aged despite all the partying. Paris is damn smart, but we now know that she wants to get beyond her image as she enters her forties.

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