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If you’d rather abide by a traditional meets contemporary approach for your big day, bookmark these dresses!

Shopping for a wedding in Pakistan is near-ceremonial. Often featuring a coterie of curious aunts, parents and friends, the task of shopping for one’s wedding trousseau is an exciting part of planning for brides. Designers catering to this clientele have invested in lavish flagship stores, attentive staff and often an assortment of jewellery and accessories to complete the look. But in the new world order, weddings will no longer be the grand affairs we once knew them to be. As Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Pakistan, social gatherings of large numbers seem unlikely, at least for the foreseeable future. Shopping formats are being changed, making way for Zoom consultations and no-contact deliveries. What then will be the fate of the grand classic red lehenga – carefully chosen, laboured over for days on end – when only a handful can fawn over it?

But with or without a fanfare, the show must go on. It’s obvious that a changed perspective is the need of the hour and we are seeing a changed perspective among the modern brides-to-be too. That being said, this flamboyant bridal collection by Zain Hashmi's, the Reveur Collection, is specifically curated for ones who have a distinct eye for details. The collection is composed of stellar embroideries and features both traditional and contemporary techniques of embellishments used to develop brilliant canvases with enchanting auras.

This collection features a range of golden and silver hued head-to-toe bridal wear with a tinge of red. In order to give a traditional touch to these modern bridal outfits, the designer has added a red dupatta and a red undertone in one of his dresses. Modern ladies of today are not hesitant to stay in tune with their desires by picking for a variant colour range instead of a classic red! Vintage sober lighter tints have been quite fashionable in recent times and have been every bride's favourite select for their big day. Sophisticated gold and silver were super in last season and it looks like they are prominently going to stick around for a while. Intricately handcrafted lehengas with various embellishments and traditional embroideries are more likely to be evident this bridal season.

Whereas the bridal blouses are concerned, the blouse is no longer playing second fiddle to the rest of the outfit. Rather than an after-thought, it’s now the element that can infuse look-at-me allure to the overall ensemble. Think fully embellished long sleeves with a cropped choli, a long shirt with a high slit, and a blouse with tassels hanging on the bodice, making the outfit instantly eye-catching.

And while the outfit is the real deal for a bride, the bridal look is simply incomplete without the right jewels. So, this season, it may be a good idea to raid that trunk with grandmother’s jewellery. Going by the current trend, classic, vintage style imitation jewellery is here to roost. We are talking chokers, raani haars, and oversized chand bali inspired earrings in gold and cluster pearl detailing.

Makeup: Hadiqa Kiani Salon
Jewellery: Grace Jewellers
Designer: Zain Hashmi
Coordination: Shamail Butt
Photography: Azeem Sani
Models: Rabia Chaudhary and Roshaney Afridi