AlRawabi School for Girls

  • 28 Aug - 03 Sep, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

High school sucked for a lot of us, didn’t it? A new teen series from Jordan lets viewers around the world know that bullying and its consequences – is pretty much the same no matter where you go. As we see flashes of the girl getting attacked and ultimately thrown to the ground, where she hits a head on a rock and loses consciousness, she then says that “school is now my nightmare.” As some of her classmates get questioned by police about the incident, one says “I don’t pay attention to her kind,” another joke that she’s in the middle of “CSI: AlRawabi”. But another girl sobs that the victim was her only friend. Cut to two weeks earlier. We see the victim, Mariam (Andria Tayeh), get on the bus headed to her high school. She sits next to her friend Dina (Yara Mustafa) and is pelted with insults by the girls behind them. That girl is the popular Layan (Noor Taher), who we see talking to her buddy Raina (Joanna Arida) about sneaking off the bus to go on a date with her new boyfriend. After Layan sneaks out, using everyone, including Mariam, as a shield, we see her on her date. Dina gets dinged for the tea that Layan “accidentally” spilled on her when they were on the bus. They’re introduced to a new student named Noaf (Rakeen Sa’ad). A week after, she sets Mariam up, and she and her two buddies beat the snot out of her, but flee when Mariam’s head hits a rock and she loses consciousness. Noaf, who found Mariam on the ground, saw everything but won’t speak up.