UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil

  • 28 Aug - 03 Sep, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix is seeking to take a look at sports stories in their new line of documentaries. UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil tells the story of Christy Martin, who rose to fame in the mid ‘90s as one of the prominent female professional boxers. Her battle wasn’t just in the ring; but also with the struggles against a tough background and violence in her personal life. It’s a hardscrabble background, and Martin fit right in – playing multiple sports, even serving as the catcher on the boy’s baseball team. But she was a fighter at her core, and impressed trainers when she stepped into a boxing gym, hitting harder than many of the male fighters. After a series of small fights, she caught the eye of boxing’s biggest promoter, Don King, and found herself battling at the MGM Grand, and the performance she put on that stage won her the fame she scarcely could have imagined growing up in Mullens. Soon every woman in the boxing world was gunning for Martin, both for her fame and her managed image as boxing’s “girl next door”. Martin married her longtime trainer, the much-older Jim Martin, and with King’s help, the media ate up the image of the husband-and-wife boxing duo. The choice of Martin’s story is an excellent one – it’s a compelling story when taken as a whole, whether or not you knew a thing about it.