Bring back the ‘70s

The 1970s get a bad rap when it comes to home decor. It’s often referred to as “the decade that design forgot.” But many of today’s biggest design trends can be traced to the era. The boho chic, macrame-filled style made popular by Instagram influencers everywhere? You can thank the ‘70s for that. Hues of mustard yellow and avocado green? These were the better half of the preferred palette of the decade. Terrazzo? Shag carpet? Rattan? All can be credited to the ‘70s. Below, easy ways to work the best trends into your own space.

Terrazzo elements

This material was all the hype in the ‘70s and today, it is used to craft tables, chairs, lights – you name it.

Bohemian everything

This macrame beaded wall hanging will add an earthy feel to your home.

Vintage pieces

Having a kitchen cart in hand is a very ‘70s thing to do, so make sure you include one!


Being a #plantmom is not a new wellness-inspired concept – you can thank the environmentalists of the ‘70s for the craze.

Shag rugs

Shag carpets have been de rigueur in the 1970s, now, less is more i.e. opt for a rug instead of a carpet.

Western details

A suede leather patchwork chair pays homage to the era and adds a classy look to your home.