Old Moore's Zodiac Guide 2018

Planet: Mars
Birthstone: Diamond
Lucky day: Tuesday

Keynote for the Year: A year when you can slough off the old to make room for the new. Career and family developments may bring you extra demands and responsibilities.

JANUARY: You are inspired by new horizons and ideas, so get out and about as much as you can, freedom is your route to happiness. Current trends give a short in the arm to professional issues; vital information may be made available to you.

FEBRUARY: You enjoy being part of a group and learning from others which is another beneficial influence for gatherings with groups of friends. Trends favour career matters, don’t try to run before you can walk and avoid conflict.

MARCH: You can expect success from innovative schemes today and may be able to influence others positively at work. A new romantic interest could be on the horizon so make plans that will involve meeting people. Matters of the heart continue to be positively highlighted.

APRIL: Expect good progress in your objectives now, especially if you’ve experienced delays of late. A splendid time to be in the limelight: romantic, social and leisure pursuits boost your spirits. Financial matters should come together as your ability to plan ahead and build upon success strengthens.

MAY: You may get the opportunity to develop some creative and imaginative ideas in your professional life. Expect this to be a great day for preparation, especially with business plans. You may now reap all the rewards of good teamwork.

JUNE: Although you are a good communicator and make up in enthusiasm for what you lack in diplomacy, don’t assume you have the answers to everything! This is a dynamic phase, so throw your vigorous energy into work that requires skill and precision – but don’t rush it.

JULY: This trend may help clear your mind and leave you ready to tackle problems. New vistas could open up in both, personal and professional matters. Ambitious and innovative, this is the perfect time to move ahead with dreams and schemes.

AUGUST: This influence brings a warmer element to relationships with loved ones. A great period for reliving the good old days. A positive influence affects communications and your intellectual ability, enabling you to think and plan in a strategic way.

SEPTEMBER: Prioritise your life and put the most focus on what you really value – probably family and loved ones. You may get the chance to meet someone new under this influence, so keep things varied and interesting. There may be a happy encounter with an old face from the past.

OCTOBER: It may be easier than usual to get ahead at work, as new information helps put you out in front. Prepare for some invaluable help and smooth progress at work, as small scale undertakings are met with success. Try to vary your routine as much as possible, as this is one of those times when you just never know what you might learn.

NOVEMBER: Organise your time efficiently. Focus on the short term where finances are concerned and clear up any outstanding obligations before planning ahead.

DECEMBER: Under favourable trends for harmonious communication, a brand new situation may prove stimulating and educational. Work hard to keep life on an even keel in the midst of change; measure personal needs against the expectations of others.

Planet: Venus
Birthstone: Emerald
Lucky day: Friday

Keynote for the Year: You should see growth and rewards in personal relationships, whether new or old. A good time to join forces with others – this can prove lucky!

JANUARY: The pace of life picks up, and you can make use of new information coming your way and talk others around your viewpoint. This is perhaps not the easiest influence for relationship; insist on some privacy and solitude if you need it. You can benefit by cultivating contacts with influential people.

FEBRUARY: Life proceeds at a fairly brisk pace. Talks with others should prove pleasant and inspiring. Let go of thoughts that have preoccupied you recently, adopt a new attitude and move onwards and upwards.

MARCH: Your ego is over-inflated right now, but you can get away with most things, as your personality shines brightly. You should enjoy the best of both worlds (business and pleasure) now as you seek to develop material and financial plans.

APRIL: Your social life and friendships are wonderfully enhanced with Venus now in your sign. You’re great at bringing people together with a positive attitude. A lucrative influence when it comes to the practical and financial world, joint money matters are your particular forte. A cautious risk taken in either your personal or professional life could have a lucky outcome.

MAY: Gather information wherever you can, as what you learn could change things. Take a broad approach to life: try out all sorts of different interests, intellectual and cultural. Joint finances may receive a boost. Get an early start with all important projects and be open to communications that could benefit you.

JUNE: Your lively and sparkling personality comes to the fore and you become an interesting company. It is a good time to focus on financial matters – some positive thinking will almost certainly work wonders followed by a fortunate period when you can very easily persuade others on to your side – make the most of it!

JULY: You enjoy the company of others in groups or associations. Business enterprises also make progress due to good teamwork. Your insight may help you solve problems, as right now you better understand people’s motivations, their strengths and weaknesses.

AUGUST: Enjoy a pleasurable social period when you are at your most popular. Trends suggest you will enjoy some solitude and perhaps embark upon a journey of self-discovery. Don’t allow your ego and enthusiasm to lead you to promise more than you can deliver.

SEPTEMBER: Take care over financial decisions, as they could mark the key moment in your progress. Trends suggest you could receive some help with something practical, but also that you may be preoccupied with a health issue.

OCTOBER: Trends indicate some developments at work, although you will have put in a lot of effort to achieve them. Emotional issues could leave you feeling defeated. Don’t be too hard on yourself if not everything works out as you feel it should. Certain goals you have striven for may prove to bring little satisfaction.

NOVEMBER: Don’t make instant professional decisions on a whim right now, but equally don’t ignore any important developments that may arise. Family and domestic life are your real priorities now. Trends help you to find the right path, so where important objectives are concerned, don’t be afraid to take a few calculated chances.

DECEMBER: Follow your heart when it comes to seeking new intellectual pastures: there is much to be said for travel, culture and a freewheeling attitude to life. Avoid any tendency to take loved ones for granted or demand too much of your own way; this attitude could prove self-defeating.

Planet: Mercury
Birthstone: Agate
Lucky day: Wednesday

Keynote for the Year: Make the most of opportunities at work this year. Emotional relationships and joint finance may bring new responsibilities.

JANUARY: New intellectual interests may hold a lot of appeal for you. Explore the wide blue yonder – the more you get out and see what life outdoors has to offer, the better. New ideas you have up your sleeve may now see the light of day as you feel inclined to push your luck a little.

FEBRUARY: You have a need to express yourself creatively in one form or another and the confidence to take large strides. Good communication skills will bring out the best in you as you get on with different people on an equal footing.

MARCH: Trends bring practical issues into focus, especially those connected with money. It’s now time to consolidate and build upon them. Relationships benefit from some good trends and you shouldn’t have to try too hard to win over others or find yourself in good company.

APRIL: A good period for travel and mental recreation, though you may well spend so much time in search of fresh pastures that little else gets done. It is time to declutter: decide what can easily be jettisoned from your life, simplify and move on.

MAY: Your achievements peak in professional matters and you should find it easy to get your own way. All types of partnerships take on greater significance now, as you attract people who are interesting and inspirational. With boundless energy and vitality you should accomplish a lot towards your personal goals.

JUNE: The domestic scene holds a new appeal for you; this is a good time to talk with parents and family. You may find certain decisions have an element of trial and error about them. You may be able to persuade an influential figure to help you with a current ambition.

JULY: Fulfilment comes through travel and you are likely to enjoy the company of people you meet. Communicative and responsive to others, you enjoy your social life even if decisiveness is not your main talent. Capitalise on the current planetary trends, which bring out the best in you and firm up securities.

AUGUST: The desire for fresh fields is stronger than ever, and seeking out change and variety could lead to some intriguing results. Your love life runs smoothly and amicably and you can look forward to friendly responses. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you need, as you speed towards your desired objectives.

SEPTEMBER: If you are frustrated by the feeling that you are being held back, take a look at a plan and see if it requires second thoughts. Trends suggest you’ll love to try new things and experiment at this time – follow your curiosity, as it could lead to brand new interests.

OCTOBER: This is a warm phase when you can bring out the best in others; look for the best in everyone. An excellent time for hogging the limelight, you can expect to be the centre of attention or to make some lucky strides in a personal matter.

NOVEMBER: Consolidate and organise your affairs in a material sense. Financial developments look especially promising right now. A new alliance or relationship may bring out the best in you and allow you to be yourself.

DECEMBER: Enjoy time at home, as domestic relationships should be rewarding and fulfilling. Matters in the practical world may be on the up and up. A good time to exchange views at work and enlist someone’s co-operation. Trends indicate that good luck is flowing towards you.

Planet: Moon
Birthstone: Ruby
Lucky day: Monday

Keynote for the year: Love life and leisure are where all your chances of growth and fulfilment lie this year. Creative activities are also an area through which you can develop.

JANUARY: With good ideas for improving work methods with co-workers, you may now be able to get to the root of problems. Continuing favourable trends professionally mean that there may be more than one way of succeeding now, so think outside the box!

FEBRUARY: Utilise your confidence to try new things in pursuit of your goals. Trends make you naturally outgoing and help you to make friends easily, so it should not be difficult to enlist the help of others with group projects. Professionally speaking, you seem to be ready for just about any challenge. MARCH: Events today will remind you of how much significant information you have at your disposal that could help you get ahead. Take advantage of a nice trend by being with friends, as people are well disposed to you. You thrive in the social mainstream and especially enjoy exchanging views with others.

APRIL: Your love life should be working out well now, giving you lots of confidence and making this a happy period. Rely on your intuition when it comes to problem solving, as you now excel at analysing and sorting out practical details of any kind.

MAY: Romantically there may be big things happening now; a situation may need an important decision with regard to your true feelings. Don’t go overboard on spending sprees, as your finances may fluctuate somewhat. A busy spell will be moved by your energy and ambition, rewarding you in many ways.

JUNE: With confidence and an attitude geared towards success, you can get ahead nicely by taking initiative. Rid yourself of certain plans and ideas that are not working and keep life as simple as possible. A positive mental attitude plus swift action brings benefits now.

JULY: While business partnerships may work better than ever now, you may need to remain firm on a particular matter in love. As lucky trends surround you, start new projects and push ahead as much as possible. Ambitions should not be your priority – instead spend time enjoying rest and recuperation.

AUGUST: Put your good ideas to use, make swift decisions and show others your versatility. Your emotions may be running high, especially if, as trends indicate, you have to make some kind of break with the past.

SEPTEMBER: Beware of an unrealistic attitude to money. The success you can achieve – both, in your professional and personal life – is now huge. Go for your goals! A troubling sense of doubt may accompany your decisions now, so put major plans on ice for a couple of days.

OCTOBER: Work and responsibility may feel burdensome now, so delegate minor obligations to others if you can. Motivation is the key to success, and this trend helps the tide of fortune flow your way. During the monthly low, as usual you can expect one or two hitches as usual.

NOVEMBER: This is a great period to do business, or even for a little cautious flutter! Socially you should be in good cheer and you may want to be on the move – travel can really broaden the mind. It may now be difficult to work under the leadership of others, as you prefer to be a leader.

DECEMBER: It should be smooth sailing at work, as you benefit from talks and negotiations with those in authority. A personal relationship may prove very supportive of certain long-range plans and you may find others’ input invaluable.

Planet: Sun
Birthstone: Sapphire
Lucky day: Sunday

Keynote for the Year: In the workplace there may be many a lesson to be learned this year, but all the comforts of home and family are your main priority in 2018.

JANUARY: You have no shortage of good ideas and can successfully handle several different tasks at the same time, bringing a big boost to your social life. Your ability to take the starring role socially should be put to some practical use, especially around those who have the potential to assist your plans.

FEBRUARY: Finances may tend to fluctuate now and you may have to focus on remaining steady in the midst of change. The planets bring you a boon and some good luck along with it. Test your luck a little, but always avoid undue risk.

MARCH: Trends bring a boost to your ambitions at work. You may need to decide whether you want to continue with something as it is or institute changes of one kind or another. Maintain a low profile and wind down certain plans for a day or so.

APRIL: Trends make you attractive to others; this is a good time for co-operation and interaction on new projects. At work, push your luck a little with those in a position of influence. If you seem to be carrying a heavy burden, narrow down your options and choose goals that are more realistic.

MAY: Aim for diversity and variety, as these are the keys to satisfaction. Don’t allow minor issues to overwhelm you but instead take a step back and reflect on your progress so far. It’s important to you to get your message across to others, so much so that others notice how communicative you are.

JUNE: Don’t waste too much time trying to get your own way at the moment, Leo! Home and family are your priority now; this is a good time to organise a gathering to reminisce with others. In a potentially insecure period, keep your expectations of life realistic to avoid disappointment.

JULY: Hasty action could lead to some practical setbacks, so think before you make any move. Concentrate on building upon recent plans and getting your financial affairs in good order. With the Sun in your sign, what happens personally and professionally ought to be productive and rewarding.

AUGUST: The timing should be perfect for new ideas that can help you to break away from the past and try something innovative. Positive atmosphere pervades relationships, bringing out your romantic and fun-loving side. Big projects may meet with success, as your energies are constructively channelled into work.

SEPTEMBER: Although you can get along with just about anyone, your love life offers the most satisfaction and perhaps even cause for celebration. Keep your eyes and ears open for significant news at work. Give careful thought to any new financial proposition that comes your way.

OCTOBER: Charisma seems to be your middle name and you will almost certainly find yourself in the best and most interesting company. Trends place the emphasis on your personal independence, as you put things into perspective.

NOVEMBER: You may be more sensitive and impressionable than usual and this could lead to some deep discussions over an emotional matter. Attend to any unfinished business in your personal affairs. Quick decisions made at this time could lead to professional success.

DECEMBER: Don’t be a doormat – it’s true that your spirits may be dwindling, so try to avoid heavy work and enjoy some quiet time. Open your mind and reach out to the world – perhaps try taking a trip out somewhere; getting out and about leads to unexpected surprises.

Planet: Mercury
Birthstone: Sardonyx
Lucky day: Wednesday

Keynote for the Year: Knowledge is power this year – use it together with your communication skills to help you to make progress this year.

JANUARY: You may be in a position of influence at work, but things go best when you co-operate with others. Advantages arise in your career, as go-ahead trends predominate – keep abreast of news and views. Trends favour your social life and also one-to-one relationships so try putting work aside if you can.

FEBRUARY: This is not a time when you should expect to have your own way in social situations. Try to remain cool under pressure. Stay cool and avoid obstacles if you have to deal with people you find challenging.

MARCH: A trend that may sharpen up your financial instincts; gunning for what you want may prove easier than usual. You should be busily on the go and getting the best from life. Reduce your commitments and, at the same time, keep your demands of others simple as well.

APRIL: Beware – some projects may not be as well thought through as they should be. Avoid unreasonable ambitions. A beneficial periods for finance when you shouldn’t be short of ingenious ideas; the time to make a move could be now.

MAY: With a sense of self-confidence in the workplace you can use all your persuasive powers over others to achieve your objectives. Domestic matters may predominate at this time and you may hear some good news about your home or a family member.

JUNE: Contact with a variety of people can be useful and rewarding so venture out and broaden your horizons. In a socially uplifting period you may receive some invitations particularly from new friends or neighbours. If a risky situation arises, back your instincts.

JULY: The planetary focus falls on your social pleasures and love life. Studies undertaken at this time should go well, and you should also be able to multi-task successfully. Long-buried issues may resurface now and a little soul-searching can pay dividends.

AUGUST: The life and soul of the party, you can expect a welcoming response from others, specially romantically. Personal life issues move from the superficial to the deep at this time, but don’t assume you have all the answers yet. Certain issues of major importance may now come to fruition.

SEPTEMBER: You may feel rather impatient and eager to push on with one task after another, but pace yourself and avoid hasty decisions. Your instinct is to withdraw into your personal space but don’t make this a means of escape. You may have good intuitive insights now.

OCTOBER: Happy to be at home, family interests may outweigh professional concerns now. As new initiatives get the go-ahead, your ability and effectiveness are at a peak and it is easier than ever to get ahead in your chosen field. Put your best foot forward, especially if you get the opportunity to take the lead.

NOVEMBER: Get involved in communications now, as the exchange of information and ideas may now be central to your success. This influence paves the way for excitement socially or romantically and you use your charm when trying to get what you want.

DECEMBER: Love life is positively highlighted in your chart and it seems likely you will be in most people’s good books. A plan may get the green light and you won’t shy away from hard work when it comes to getting things done. Keep a low profile and accept that these days are not likely to be your most successful or rewarding time.

Planet: Venus
Birthstone: Opal
Lucky day: Friday

Keynote for the Year: You may have your work cut out with responsibilities at home this year, but trends affecting finances look especially promising. Get planning, Libra!

JANUARY: If you eliminate old situations and focus on renewal you can transform your life. Listening to a partner’s opinion may prove useful in the short term. There should be plenty going on domestically to make you feel rewarded – this is a good period for attending to minor improvements at home.

FEBRUARY: This is a great period for one-to-one relationships, when you can bring out the best in everyone and boost your own popularity. Capitalise on your ability to win people’s confidence by liaising closely with colleagues.

MARCH: Security is the key issue now, and you may find it is possible to sort out some financial matters for the better. Several avenues of communication may open up to you, and you won’t be happy to be confined to just one. You may be able to make the best of new opportunities career-wise.

APRIL: Throw yourself into work and be as industrious as possible and you should reap rewards. Curious and chatty, this is a great period for casual conversations with friends and loved ones. Now is the time to pursue your heart’s desire – assert yourself positively and new ventures will almost certainly prove successful.

MAY: Put to good use current trends favouring good communication and an analytic mind and try a little problem solving. Today you may be bored with routine, so put yourself at the forefront of the action and be versatile.

JUNE: Your practical affairs may undergo minor change, as you use good judgement to re-evaluate your goals and plan ahead for the short term. You may be able to broaden your contacts at work, as your superiors may become increasingly approachable.

JULY: Hard work pays off and new plans may lead to progress now, whether socially or practically. There may be plenty of opportunities to dominate the spotlight, and if you are seeking romance you may get more than bargained for! Fortune is not on your side, so there may be minor setbacks.

AUGUST: You find fulfilment being part of a team or being surrounded by like-minded friends. Under this influence you should think about travel, seeking out new horizons or getting in touch with a long-distance associate. Socially, you have the capacity to attract the right kind of attention.

SEPTEMBER: Intimate talks and discussions should be fruitful now as you have an instinctive talent for saying just the right thing. Appointments and meetings are well highlighted in your chart, so use your communicative talents to sway the opinions of those around you.

OCTOBER: Under this trend you should be winning through in social and romantic activities. Your intellectual powers are at their best and your decisions show superior judgement. This is a promising time in which you should reach out to new vistas to find fulfilling experiences.

NOVEMBER: Romantic trends are certainly on the up and social matters ought to keep you happy. You would benefit from some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle. Avoid defeatism and a negative frame of mind – if you are overambitious now, life will show you just where to give up!

DECEMBER: Under favourable trends for finances, this could be a time for considerable profit if you play your cards right. Even if you are very busy at work, don’t let this mean that you miss too much of what’s going on, news-wise, in the outer world. The home is the best place to be – outdoor life seems to have little appeal right now.

Planets: Mars, Pluto
Birthstone: Topaz
Lucky day: Tuesday

Keynote for the Year: You can really turn things to your advantage this year with lucky Jupiter in your sign, whether that’s in personal or professional development.

JANUARY: Everyday life may become a little less secure due to certain changes; don’t be afraid of this but view it as a spring clean. Trends may provide you with some influence in important financial negotiations, certainly you should not now settle for second best.

FEBRUARY: Trends indicate that you will be taking a new approach, so perhaps use this influence to look for new solutions to old problems. The path ahead to professional success may become more obvious and you should be able to show superiors what you’re made of.

MARCH: Trends give you the ability to attract others with the power of your charm, making this a great time for romance or social gatherings. Risks don’t frighten you and you have plenty of energy, so go for what you want, but keep a sensible approach.

APRIL: With plenty to keep you alert, interested and, above all busy, this is the time to apply yourself. Clear out whatever has outlived its usefulness in your life, whether a material object or a situation. Friendships keep you smiling and they may now have an educational quality.

MAY: You may feel frustrated by your lack of influence in certain situations; in fact, you may have to seek out special help from someone. There should be nothing to prevent you finally turning a corner with your plans. Step back to assess the effect you are having on others.

JUNE: You can benefit from communicating and discussing ideas with other people. Your laid back and charming manner may prove attractive to others and you work best at the centre of a lot of activity and teamwork. With the energy you now have you can afford a confident attitude to overcoming obstacles in your path.

JULY: This trend may put you in the picture regarding current short-term aims, and it looks as though information received could now prove unexpectedly useful. This is a good time to bring a major plan to completion and give it the finishing touch.

AUGUST: Your personal charisma and sunny disposition help you to make an impact on others. Social and romantic relationships tend to be harmonious. A well-disposed highlight on work must mean major things are happening but don’t allow the excitement to lead you to lose sight of the finer details.

SEPTEMBER: Perhaps you don’t want to waste energy on anything demanding or tedious but take care not to leave anything half-finished at work. Gain some insight by listening to your inner voice. Your prospects look good at work as your relationships with superiors are good.

OCTOBER: Financially you may be on a winning streak and there is planetary assistance as you try to consolidate. It’s a time of relative stability and security when financial matters are either on the up or can be firmed up. You ought to feel confident and self-assured and can motivate others just as easily as yourself.

NOVEMBER: Your love life looks to be smooth and sweet, as your powers of attraction increase. Now you should have abundant energy for personal activities. Capitalise on your natural talent for communication. A potentially lucky period – be prepared to act quickly in some situations.

DECEMBER: A regenerative phase when certain issues may come to an end; whatever is not working out in your life requires attention. This influence may see you moving your life more constructively in business and relationships.

Planet: Jupiter
Birthstone: Turquoise
Lucky day: Thursday

Keynote for the Year: Financially, you should budget wisely, but the work you put in at the start of the year will pay off later. A matter from past may be revealing.

JANUARY: Trends influence the personal aspects of life; be as open as possible with loved ones about your feelings. Decisions made now could turn out better than you might have expected. This is also particularly bad time for unwise spending, investment or financial speculation.

FEBRUARY: This is not a time of extroversion, nor the best time to start any great projects. Unexpected pressures may arise at home now and you may have to drop everything else you were doing. Professionally this may lead to a small setback. This is a good time to finish up any unresolved business – the longer you wait, the worse it may get.

MARCH: Enjoy some leisure, especially in creative pursuits. A romance also looks very promising now. Under a tricky trend for communication you may be left in the dark over the outcome of a personal decision, or find yourself at cross-purposes with someone.

APRIL: Let your personality shine during this natural energy boost and time of accomplishment. All family relationships should be rewarding, and loved ones at home really bring out the best in you. Good financial trends may help you to obtain the good things of life more easily than usual.

MAY: Devote yourself to any important task that comes along; being ‘in the know’ professionally could make a big difference to your life. You may quickly become bored with routine and feel the need to explore, entertain original ideas and broaden your horizons.

JUNE: Career-wise you can now go forth with a number of good cards in your hand and some unexpected help may also be available. Domestic issues are positively highlighted, especially those related to the past. Don’t be tempted to participate in unrealistic, unworkable plans.

JULY: Capitalise on the opportunity to do something different or to get some variety into your life; multitasking at work should be no problem. Plenty of subtlety may be required to understand others. If you can overturn certain trying situations and put them in the past, do so.

AUGUST: A power struggle could be in the offing, as a person or event challenges your peace of mind and certain changes are required. Family and domestic matters could be extra rewarding – enjoy the quieter side of life and suspend practical initiatives.

SEPTEMBER: With patience you can achieve bigger and better constructive changes at work, but avoid the temptation to be a know-it-all! Keep a sharp eye out for opportunities of all kinds.

OCTOBER: Under some genially very positive trends, focus on your creative abilities and living the good life. It becomes easier to make good decisions about long-range plans, so put some time aside to consider these. Act upon the urge to get things done as quickly as possible and you could reap the rewards.

NOVEMBER: The stars place a beneficial accent on joint monetary matters. Close relationships may now have much to do with improving your finances. This is a physical peak where you seem to be on top form and it’s easier to accomplish your aims. Pace yourself now and accept the occasional small blip in your progress.

DECEMBER: Show off your best side and express your ideas and people will understand you. Career interests are positively highlighted. Things work best in partnerships for you now and get-togethers with others prove highly rewarding as you please and impress people.

Planet: Saturn
Birthstone: Garnet
Lucky day: Saturday

Keynote for the Year: Saturn, your sombre ruler, is in your sign now, encouraging hard work to achieve excellence. This is a good year for widening your social circles, too.

JANUARY: There may be good things happening in your career at this time – seize any initiative that could lead to advancement. Something may step into your path and guide you in a new direction – consider this a lucky break. This is a quiet period – don’t take big risks, avoid unwarranted assumptions and take it easy.

FEBRUARY: With support and encouragement you can reach higher goals in life, especially in your career. Social get-togethers could be beneficial; take advantage of some quality time with friends and associates. A positive moment when something or someone may allow you to realise your ambitions.

MARCH: Your social life is top priority for you now and you may not be much use at work – you might even describe your feeling as rather lazy! Follow your heart and give in to the urge to break away from routine and try different things. A new decisiveness takes hold of you as with only a little effort you take the initiative and expect the best.

APRIL: You may find it hard to adopt any kind of leading role and your strengths seem to be in advisory capacities and activities behind the scenes. Your organisational ability is at its peak and your thinking is positive. Trends favour taking a calculated risk.

MAY: Although you are quick-witted, certain egocentric tendencies are at work which could provoke a flashpoint. At least you can get things done with sheer willpower. Be alert when it comes to communication and business and don’t sit around and wait – act.

JUNE: This is an appropriate time to make monetary decisions – you could be in a position to restructure finances and put things on a more secure footing. The accent is on romance, fun and social life. You have a talent for creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

JULY: Your self-confidence makes this a good time to express yourself and helps you to communicate your ideas. There is a positive emphasis on your economic situation and monetary goals may now see some concrete results. This is a great time to get things accomplished – especially professionally.

AUGUST: Your outlook is positive and your belief in what you can achieve is greater than ever! At work, trends favour greater effectiveness and productivity, meaning that success should effortlessly follow. You may have a talent for helping people and existing relationships are highly favoured.

SEPTEMBER: Good things can come through you social life and personal relationships, and this should put you in the best of moods. Now you can really make things happen – the force of your personality is strong and this is a great period for new beginnings.

OCTOBER: You may feel on top form right now and this is a fairly good time to effect changes in your personal life. Day-to-day life may become more hectic – but try to complete everything on your agenda. Prioritise and keep distractions to a minimum.

NOVEMBER: Take positive action to help you promote your own interests. Optimistic and in good cheer, everyone should be on your side. Trends indicate time for a personal spring-clean – out the dead wood from your life and prepare the ground for new growth.

DECEMBER: Think seriously about what you want from life and assess what is useful for you right now and what is not. Increased responsibility could leave you feeling overburdened and compromise may be needed in relationships to preserve the status quo.

Planets: Saturn, Uranus
Birthstone: Amethyst
Lucky day: Saturday

Keynote for the Year: While you may have to confront your past, your career receives a boost this year. Look for new opportunities and the chance to expand your professional interests.

JANUARY: You may be happiest working alone now – a low-profile task might seem to suit you best, one where you can be your own boss. This trend may bring an unexpected boost to your profession or finances, and this certainly looks like a rosy time for most monetary dealings.

FEBRUARY: A good time to consider positive change in your life or to ask someone for a favour. Make this an adventurous period and take every opportunity to do something which is of little or no further use – holding on to it may not work out well.

MARCH: Plough through problems in relationships – although they are tested, if they are strong they will weather the storm. You could benefit from keeping a lower professional profile, you may feel isolated but this can be advantageous.

APRIL: Planets favouring intimate, affectionate relationships mean that you should now get the best from your love life. If you need to make a good impression on someone, be sure to arrange an encounter during this influential period.

MAY: A challenging phase in your personal life looks likely – prioritise and eschew other ideas to keep things streamlined. Your personal magnetism attracts you to others and likewise them to you. Trends favour time spent outdoors – you may well find the weird and wonderful on your travels and the more you expand the better. A small, calculated risk may prove lucrative.

JUNE: Matters at work proceed smoothly, but much now depends on the friendly assistance you can enlist. Trends indicate that you will be rather disorganised now, and finding tasks overwhelming. Focus on the important issues and leave the rest for later.

JULY: Certain practical elements of daily life may break down and the need for renewal or repair may be evident. Patience is called for! Trends now make you strong and capable, and your ability to attract the good things of life will not go unnoticed.

AUGUST: This should be a rewarding time for partnerships, even if you find yourself playing the go-between or negotiator. There is scope for progress as the wheels turn faster at work and you, in turn, enjoy high energy levels which enables you to keep up the pace.

SEPTEMBER: You have an excellent opportunity to seek cooperation with others. Now is the time to join forces with others and work as a team. Passionate in your search for the truth, don’t be afraid to get straight to the point. Clear out any deadwood, too.

OCTOBER: A reassuring time when it comes to domestic matters; you may find the outside world has little to offer and prefer hearth and home. You should now have a clearer idea of which way the wind is blowing when it comes to important objectives, but defer decisions for the time being. A change for the better may come from a social development.

NOVEMBER: Consolidate recent advances or success you’ve made. Financial developments may lead to some significant new gains. You may be ready for a change of scenery and to expand your horizons; make the most of this mood and seek out variety just for its own sake.

DECEMBER: With strong creative abilities you can accomplish a great deal in your career that would otherwise have been difficult. This is a favourable time for conversations and daily comings and goings when innovative, interesting and inventive ideas may strike you.

Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
Birthstone: Bloodstone
Lucky day: Thursday

Keynote for the Year: Take any opportunity for long-distance travel and to generally widen your horizons this year. This is how you make your world bigger and better!

JANUARY: A peak in material and financial matters helps you get the best out of situations at work. If you need to make a judgement call, keep an open mind and look closely at all the details involved. A hectic time at work also looks likely.

FEBRUARY: It’s a period when you should be full of optimism and high spirits – justifiably so! Try to keep a calm sense of perspective if sensitive and personal matters test your circumstances and sense of purpose.

MARCH: Emotionally deep relationships come into focus now, and a heart-to-heart could help you put certain matters into context. Your confidence grows as planetary forces help you to get what you want. This is an emotionally challenging time when setbacks may occur – put key issues on the back burner and relax.

APRIL: Make an early start on tasks that need your attention. Try not to jump to conclusions before you have all the salient facts, especially with colleagues. Your competitive instincts are enhanced and this is the perfect time to devote to money-making or even creative disciplines.

MAY: This is an appropriate time for finding solutions to problems, especially in a financial or work matter. Don’t expect to get all your own way with your partner – major compromises may be necessary to preserve the status quo.

JUNE: You may get the chance to improve your popularity rating as trends make you attractive to others and in the mood to socialise. Perhaps you are putting over your points of view rather forcefully. A good time to work with others towards a common goal. Lady Luck lends you a helping hand with the choices you make!

JULY: You may have to deal with potentially deceptive people and confusion may consequently reign. Keep your wits sharp to avoid this situation. The planets may lead situations to conspire against you, so don’t expect any fantastic progress at work or at home just for now.

AUGUST: You may make a decisive breakthrough in something you’ve been recently struggling with. Put your best foot forward. Trends bring a financial boost under which there are gains to be made, or maybe even unexpected money at your disposal.

SEPTEMBER: Stay on the move – you spread good vibes and people you meet feel energised by contact with you. An in-depth talk with a colleague might be just what the doctor ordered. Current planetary influences bring quite a lot of luck to your daily life.

OCTOBER: Your strength lies in your ability to get what you want during this lucrative period when your energy seems indefatigable. Work trends are steady – and you don’t mind being in a demanding role if it means earning extra money. This is a time to encounter the weird and wonderful, so long as you get out and about in wide open spaces.

NOVEMBER: Discuss your career plans with others even if they won’t agree with everything you propose. A leading role elsewhere may be in the offing. Thinking big pays off at this time which is likely to be a very ‘go ahead’ period for your personal plans, dreams and schemes.

DECEMBER: There is a very beneficial trend for all forms of physical activity. Financially you may reap some rewards, too. Emotional issues arise and elements of your personal life become uncertain; talk things over with a loved one to help you keep things in perspective.