Falak Shabbir gets you grooving with his latest, Lagay Pyari

Song release

Music is alive, and so are we. Over the last months, as Covid-19 kept us largely at home, the best TV and best movies gave us something to do, but music hits from our favourite artists gave us somewhere to go. They transported us, mentally, into the pits or peaks of our emotions; to imagined escapes. To the future. Perhaps, in a year or in just a few months, we'll hear some of these songs and be instantly transported to this time and this place, for better or worse. But for right now, these are the songs getting us through whatever stage of these times we're in. One such song that has us all grooving to its beats during these tough times is the recently released song by Falak Shabbir, Lagay Pyari. The song is a groovy number with melodious Punjabi lyrics and has a hip-hop beat to it. While the music video for the song features Sarah Khan and is a brilliant fusion of action and romance.