Nomi Ansari stands against the PR companies’ culture of free promotion

Say No More!

Fashion designer Nomi Ansari has had enough of PR companies sending him packages for free promotions. Feeling harassed, he took to his social media and asked them to avoid doing so. The designer who has a huge following on Instagram went on to ask such PR personnel to “stop harassing him” if he does not post pictures or promote the ‘gifts’ they sent him out of choice. Taking to his Instagram Stories, the designer penned a note addressing the issue. “Dear PR Companies, simple request, not to send me PR packages if you are sending them for me to post pictures of, or just delete me off the list and make things easier for yourself and me,” he wrote. “Please do not send me anything with the entitlement that I will be posting it. And especially, do not harass me constantly over WhatsApp and phone calls for free promotional posts,” he continued. The trend of sending packages in exchange for promotion is only acceptable if there has been an agreement between the two parties involved. Hence, it’s not okay to harass someone for free promotion.