King of Prestige Land

  • 04 Sep - 10 Sep, 2021
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

"Oh my God, he’s alive” Mr Hart commented regarding Frederick.

The stranger said to him,

“He is revealing his conspiracy before this influential man with resources. I want you to listen to them.”

Mr Hart went closer towards them and hid himself behind a wall. Now he could easily hear them two.

The influential man asked Frederick,

“So, you did all of this to get kingdom of Prestige Land?”


“So, you’re telling me that you deliberately disappeared to create a dispute between your brothers.”

“Yes,” Frederick answered.

Oh, my God! Mr Hart uttered in his heart.

Frederick began,

“I wanted the throne like any of my other brothers, but I wanted it forever. I knew that if I would disappear and make it look like Abraham’s crime, my other brothers would simply try and punish him. And they would be unsuccessful as the people of the state would not support this. As a result, the state would end up in a position of chaos and violence.”

“Okay, I’m getting you so far…”

“After that I saw that my brothers were divided into two parties, Abraham and Jacob on one side and Thomas and Austin on the opposite side. These two, Thomas and Austin got power. Jacob and Abraham were weak. However, when the war took place, when Abraham and Jacob announced that they would attack them by force, here is where I played my role.”

Mr Hart now paid even closer attention. Frederick revealed,

“On the day of the war, I was standing at the top of the castle with my weapon. I did what I had to do. I shot Jacob.”

Oh, dear Lord! Mr Hart uttered and sat on the ground with utmost shock.

“You killed your own brother?” The influential person asked him.

“Yes, I did it. I am honest enough to confess my crimes. Anyways, one was out,

now I had to remove the remaining three. So, I became opportunistic when Austin and Thomas were in prison.

I took up a disguise and made myself appear as a jailor. You know what I did? I added poison in their foods.”

Mr Hart held his forehead as tightly as he could hearing this.

“I was successful in killing Thomas but not Austin,” Frederick continued, “however, that matter resolved itself. Austin committed suicide on his own. My work was done.”


“Now, three of my brothers are dead, my road is clear. I just need Abraham’s secret assassination. And this is why I have called you here.”

“Look Mr Frederick,

our agreement was that once I will help you in killing Abraham, you will give me a post of governor of the state. But there are two issues. First of all, I need to know what the guarantee is for this. How are you so sure that you will get the throne?”

“I am the only brother of this family. The people of state would have no one besides me to choose as their new king. Uncle Hart is easy to fool,

I will take his support.”

“Okay, the second issue is that how can I trust you. Pardon me, but you were not even honest with your own brothers.”

“I am honest enough to confess the truth,” Frederick spoke firmly.

“I need more than that.”

“Okay, if I would back out from our deal, you can expose me.”

“You know I might do that.”

“I’m sure you can.”

Mr Hart got really angry as he heard this. So, he thought about exposing the two of them. He stood up and considered going back.

He said to the stranger who brought him here,

“Listen kid, please do me a favour. Just stay here and keep an eye on these two.”


“I’ll be right back.”

Abraham was meanwhile, giving a speech outside the castle,

“You and I will work together and make this a better state.

There is a suggestion box as

I stated earlier. All of you are allowed to put your suggestions there anonymously.”

That instant moment, Mr Hart came from behind and called the lead man of security who was standing nearby. He instructed him,

“Listen to me carefully, Abraham might be in danger. Frederick is still alive and he is planning to kill him.”

“How do you know?”

“He is seated with an assassin. They are behind the castle. Can you send a team so we can arrest them?”


“Alright, tell them to follow my lead.”

Meanwhile, Abraham continued his speech,

“We are now promising each other that we will make this a peaceful state. There won’t be any more violence like there has been in the past”

That moment quite unexpectedly a gunshot was heard. Mr Hart turned behind to see what happened.

To everyone’s surprise, Abraham had been shot on his waist from the back side.

“Oh, my God!” Mr Hart uttered.

He then tried to find the assassin but he heard another gunshot, and as he paid attention, he saw that the leader of security team had just shot the assassin who was on the top of the castle.

“What the hell is going on?!” Mr Hart yelled.

He saw that the public was scattering away as there was terror. Abraham was about to fall but two men from his team came and held him.

On the other hand, the assassin was falling from top o the castle.

Mr Hart had a lot going on his mind. He asked himself,

How the hell did they do this so quickly? They were just making a deal, it wasn’t even final yet. How come the criminal just went on the top and shot him?

He rushed to see the assassin’s face; he discovered that it wasn’t the same guy as the one who was seated with Frederick.

Well, that makes sense. But there is one question though. Was he from Frederick? Or was he someone else?

Mr Hart looked back at the route where he came from and said,

There’s only one way to find this out.

He called one of the security guys standing nearby and said,

“Come with me immediately.”


He rushed back with him to where Frederick was seated.

Abraham was immediately taken to the hospital.


Next day, Mr Hart who was quite angry was seated outside the prison. Frederick was locked inside the cell and was very distressed.

“You are the worst human being alive,” Mr Hart said to him.

“I have never seen a creature like you. Wild animals are better than you.”

“Can we please talk this out?”

“You attempted murder of your four brothers. You were unsuccessful in Austin’s case, God knows what will happen with Abraham.”

“Listen to me, I have confessed my crime before you. Isn’t that worth appreciation?”

Provoked Mr Hart stood up and after carrying up the chair, he threw it on the bars of the cell as hard as he could. A loud and terrifying sound was created. The chair nearly broke.

He called the jailor,

“Come here! Open the cell.

I have to give this man a piece of my mind.”

“Wait,” Frederick said getting terrified. “What did I say?”

The jailor opened the cell’s door.

Mr Hart raised his voice,

“Worth appreciation? You want me to praise you after all that you have done.”

Horrified Frederick didn’t speak a word.

“You know what Frederick?” Mr Hart said. “You are worse than Austin. I thought he was the worst of all brothers, but I was wrong.”

“Okay, I accept that,”

Frederick said trying to calm him down. “You are elder than me, I will not speak against you. Now can we talk about clearing this issue?”

“You have killed your two brothers; you attempted to murder Austin and Abraham as well, right?”

“How many times are we going to repeat this?”

“Just answer me, is this true or not?”

“Okay, sure.”

“Now, you will see what will happen with you. Either Abraham lives or dies, I will make sure that you get the punishment I am thinking of.”

Mr Hart continued,

“I will leave you among the mob of angry men. These people will rip and tear you apart.”

“Uncle Hart, listen to me…”

“Just stay here and wait for your miserable death.”

Mr Hart left as he said this.


Twenty Four Hours Later

Mr Hart reached the hospital. As he found the doctor he asked about Abraham’s condition. The doctor replied,

“Don’t worry… Mr Abraham is fine, he is better. He will be discharged within few days.”

Mr Hart felt relieved.

The doctor continued,

“The team of doctors is making sure that he will be as good as before. The injury was not

that fatal.”

“Thank God!”

Few hours later, outside the hospital around half of the state was gathered.

They had received the good news and they were there to show their support for him.

Mr Hart came outside to talk to them. He began raising his voice,

“I sincerely thank all of you on Abraham’s behalf. In the meantime, there’s something I want you guys to know.

The guy who planned this assassination was none other than Abraham’s rebellious brother Frederick. He created the mischief in the city by disappearing deliberately. Now, he is under my custody. Do you all want to see him get punished?”

The cheering of the crowd was quite louder than expected. They all were claiming that they did want revenge.

“Alright, listen to me,” Mr Hart tried to control the noise raising his both hands, “listen to me. Please, let me finish.”

As there was silence, he continued,

“Now, I have an idea and I’m sure Abraham will also like it.

All of you will be there outside the castle. I will bring Frederick before you all and you can tear him apart.”

The crowd cheered even louder with excitement.

“Okay,” Mr Hart declared, “we will do this soon. Right now, we need some silence as this is the hospital. I would like to thank you all for showing your hospitality.”

Saying this Mr Frederick went back inside. The police officers then controlled the public.

Several hours later, Abraham was lying on his bed listening to uncle Hart. As Mr Hart finished, Abraham said with astonishment,

“So, this was the entire game? My younger brother created the entire mischief.”


“What’s really hurting me is that he killed Jacob and Thomas. He even attempted your murder along with Austin’s.”

Abraham nodded looking aside.

“You know what Abraham,

I have an interesting idea.

The entire state liked this idea. I revealed it before them. Although, there is no such thing as capital punishment,

I want you to leave Frederick before the general public and let them do whatever that needs to be done. They will rip him off like wild animals. People of our state really liked this idea. What do you say?”

Abraham after thinking for a while said,

“As exciting as it sounds, I think I’m going to deal with the criminal differently.”

Mr Hart was a little surprised on his response.


Three Days Later

Abraham along with Frederick tied in chains came outside the castle before the public. The people got excited as they believed that he would give Frederick the kind of punishment they were expecting.

“People of Prestige Land,” Abraham began, “I know why all of you are so delighted to see the criminal. But the truth is that we are not going to conduct that punishment…Let me tell you why, like you all know that we want justice and discipline in our state. Therefore, I cannot allow that punishment as long as the law of no capital punishment is in our constitution. Apart from that, he is not even going to be hanged. There will be a proper and fair trial. Unless it is proved with evidences, that he killed all the people we know, I will not sentence him to death. I have to be fair with each and every citizen of the state.”

There was a silence in the general public. They all were disappointed but slowly they were understanding and even admiring his honesty.

Mr Hart who was standing close by began clapping in the air. The entire public followed him and gave Abraham’s speech a huge applause.

Everyone was satisfied with his fairness.

The trial was conducted fairly and it was eventually proved that Frederick was the criminal in every case.

He was eventually hanged by the neck. The citizens of Prestige Land were happy and they believed that this state was now under hands of a fair person.

Abraham’s honesty was something that inspired everyone especially the youth. The entire city changed and people started practicing honesty and discipline wherever they went for work.

With passage of time, Abraham’s teachings eventually made Prestige Land one of the most developed countries in the world. His efforts reduced the unemployment rate and crime rate to zero.

The economy was at peak and the state accepted Abraham not just the king of Prestige Land but the king of Prestige itself.