Hollywood glam

Just hear the words “Hollywood Glam” and your mind wanders back to another time. You may imagine a room of gilded mirrors and glittering chandeliers. If this is your vision, you wouldn’t be totally wrong. Here’s how you can go glam in a way that would make its founders proud:

Animal prints

Animal motifs like tiger, zebra and cheetah printed pillows are an exotic way to decorate your living room. Bonus points if there are metallic specs on the fabric.

Tufted furniture

Tufted furniture is a classic style of glamorous furniture that adds elegance to any room, like this velvet tufted ottoman.

Dramatic lighting

From black chandeliers to crystal light fixtures, Hollywood’s glamorous interior design relies on dramatic lighting to make a statement!

Marble surfaces

Why not try a marble coffee table? It will fit in perfectly with your glam decor!

 Gold and brass

Furniture with a shiny gold frame or a brushed brass are key when styling your home in Hollywood glam.

Vintage styled rugs

Play with an oriental or damask pattern when it comes to the rug as these designs pair well with velvet and tufted furniture.

Mirrored nightstands

Mirrored furniture like nightstands will illuminate your space and add that allure you’re looking for.