Ayesha Omar

Violence against women is one of our most horrific and darkest realities. Every day, cases are becoming more and more traumatising and terrifying. Things need to change ASAP. Look up. Own up. Speak up. Stand up. Act up. #GenderBasedViolence #Pakistan #Violenceagainstwomen

Sabeeka Imam

My skin, hair, brows have good days and bad days. My body feels toned some days and some days it feels bloated. Sometimes, I feel on top of the world and sometimes I feel down in the dumps. But the one thing that remains consistent is how loving my heart is…


The Almighty’s punishment did not come on any nation without any reason. There was something that the Almighty did not like and they were not refraining. Oh God, please keep us safe and forgive us.

Ahsan Khan

In an age where the electronic media has drawn us closer together into what is called a global village, or a global society, its benefits will only be felt when mutual goodness prevails, when mutual respect and understanding prevail. #PeaceIsLife #humanity

Shehzad Roy

The guidelines to give COVID vaccination to pregnant and breast feeding mothers by the government are there BUT these women are being denied vaccination at the centers and are being asked to produce prescriptions by doctors. Staff at vaccination centers should be reported if they refuse to vaccinate.