A grandfather's unfulfilled dream and granddaughter's unmatched determination to do him proud - Godspeed, Asma!

Asma Jan, a Pakistani cyclist striving to make her grandfather proud of her, by choosing to excel in a sport he made a name for himself in, is selected in Pakistan’s four-member cycling team to represent the country in World Road Cycling Championship, to be played in Belgium next month. Hania Amir sends her best wishes for the young athlete. Way to go!

I will be launching a drive for the Afghan refugees soon in the UK. Many have arrived here already, without any belongings. If you want to help out and are in the UK, please get in touch.

Armeena Khan is known for her strong opinions and for her humanitarian work. Many Afghan refugees, who left the country after recent developments, will now be settling in different parts of the world including the UK. The actress plans to launch a drive in order to help them in any way possible.

The feeling after seeing your vision turn into reality is something else; thanks to the Almighty that the @SAFoundationN school in Tirah Valley is near completion and ready to become an educational hub with vocational skill training for students and professional development for teachers. #HopeNotOut

Shahid Afridi is very much compassionate about his philanthropic work for the people of Pakistan and aims to play his part for human relief and aid. His foundation is now one step closer to build a school in the Tirah Valley which will not only be an educational hub for the students but it will also provide vocational skill training to them.