The international climate ricochets from month to month as the planets alternate from relaxed to challenging alignments and back. On four occasions – 2 January, 28 May, 13 July and 6 August – the planets form a ‘kite’ formation, a rare combination of hard and soft aspects. Kite patterns are very exciting because they provide positive indications of the periods when people can succeed by turning their plans into practical reality. The most dangerous period of the year centres on the eclipsed Full Moon in Virgo on 2 March. A tense and muddled ‘T Square’ between the Sun, Moon, Mars and Neptune indicates the risk of wars born out of confusion. A strong advice is that governments should keep back-channels wide open to avoid accidents.

Global tensions surround Pakistan

The Full Moon on 2 January is in Cancer, in a difficult opposition to Venus and Pluto and a harmonious grand trine to Mars and Neptune. Global tensions centre on security fears over Pakistan’s nuclear programme and border tensions with Afghanistan and India. The New Moon on 17 January is in Capricorn in a conjunction with Venus and a challenging square to Uranus. Mars and Jupiter are rising at London. The crisis in Europe is still intense, and the risk of fragmentation reaches a new high. Greece is in a renewed state of political turmoil. It is possible that at least one country will be following the UK in leaving the EU. Brexit negotiations could be going through a very bitter phase.

Unpredictable period for American democracy

The Month begins in the wake of the eclipsed Full Moon in Leo, which falls in the third house at London in a wide square to Jupiter. There may be advances in fracking and the discovery of new oil reserves in the North Sea, holding out the promise of an end to fears of decline. The New Moon on 15 February falls in Aquarius and is an eclipse in a square to Jupiter and semi-sextile to Uranus. The eclipse is conjunct with the USA’s Moon which points to a very difficult and unpredictable period for American democracy in the build up to the mid-term elections. There could be a crisis in Panama, with American troops active in the canal zone.

Vietnam asserts itself as a leading superpower

The first Full Moon of the month occurs on 2 March in Virgo. The global situation will be afflicted by renewed confusion. Low-laying areas are at risk from tidal waves. Attention turns to Southeast Asia. The eclipse falls on the Indonesian Midheaven, pointing to political upheaval, street protests and a threat to stability. Papua New Guinea is at risk from floods or tsunamis. Vietnam will assert itself as a leading superpower, and is heading for a military stand-off with China. The New Moon on 17 March is in Pisces conjunct the fixed star to Jupiter. Expect violent storms and tornadoes as the weather turns volatile in the American Midwest.

Revolutionary situation arises internationally

The month opens with a tough, uncompromising ‘T Square’ between the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Saturn. The UK is at risk from re-energised pressure for Scottish independence. This is the most dangerous moment of the year for European unity and global stability. China will be flexing its military muscles in the South China Sea, but the government may also be facing stiff opposition at home as discontent builds up. The New Moon on 16 April is in Aries in a conjunction with Uranus and square to Mars and Pluto. Global tension remains sky high. A series of countries including Morocco, Algeria, Spain, France and Germany are at risk from civil strife. The Baltic States will be under pressure from Russia and could be a potential flashpoint between East and West. Parts of Nigeria are on the brink of civil war between religious factions.


Break up of the UK is a real fear
May opens with a planetary square between Mars and Pluto and Uranus. This is a highly confrontational situation and levels of global tension remain high. The UK is still very unstable with high levels of discontent in every sector of society. Political opinion becomes ever-more polarised and the break-up of the UK is a real fear. Scandinavia is also at risk of political upheaval. There could be a new hard-line government in Iran and changes at the top of government in Iraq. International tension begins to drop and against this backdrop it is increasingly possible to look forward to a brighter, better world and an exciting future.

Global risk of floods

The New Moon on 13 June falls in Gemini in the seventh house at London. Mercury is opposed to Saturn. Worldwide it is time for tough negotiations to resolve long-forgotten conflicts. The scandal-hit South African government may fall after a corruption scandal. There is danger at sea and a global risk of floods and tidal waves. Disease epidemics could result from ill-judged health cuts. The Full Moon on 28 June falls in Capricorn in a conjunction with Saturn. International tension increases, although governments will be looking for sensible, practical collaboration rather than conflict. War is off the agenda. Chinese trade with the rest of the world increases and markets benefit from a brief ‘peace dividend’. Foreign policy blunders embarrass the British government. Government ministers may be caught up in a bribery scandal.

High risk of espionage

The New Moon on 13 July is an eclipse in Cancer in an opposition to Pluto and a trine to Neptune in the tenth house at London. Russia should avoid complacency as a major challenge to the government is now building. Under volatile trends, France is at risk from riots and civil disturbance. The Full Moon on 27 July is an eclipse in Aquarius, in a conjunction with Mars in the twelfth house at London. This planetary picture indicates a high risk of espionage. Spy rings may be exposed and brought to light. A well-known bank may be on the brink of collapse after a major hacking scandal. Israel should have a new government and is heading for a change of direction. The notion of the ‘Jewish’ state may be called into question. East Africa is in a delicate position, and Kenya may be involved in a border war. There may be protests in Georgia.

Change in Pakistan’s government may alarm Western allies

The New Moon on 11 August is an eclipse in Leo in the tenth house at London, in a square with Jupiter. The Republic of Ireland is experiencing a summer boom, with rapidly rising property prices, a growing financial sector and scope for investment. Pakistan is due for a change of government which may alarm its Western allies. The Sun is on the Midheaven. Russia is in the midst of a democratic revival, and the government is riding a wave of popularity. In South Africa, the ANC government will finally collapse and may be replaced by a wider coalition, marking a major moment of transition, post-apartheid. Palestinians will be seeking a reunion of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Canada acts as an international broker

The New Moon on 9 September is in Virgo in a trine to Pluto and an opposition to Neptune. Internationally, an arc of change sweeps up through West Africa. Ghana will experience major changes in government and Algeria is also due for a change at the top. The Full Moon on 25 September is in Aries in an opposition to Mercury and a square to Saturn. India is recovering from a period of instability and presents a positive opportunity for smart investors. Denmark is in an assertive mood and anti-EU sentiments are strong. Canada develops a role as a major international broker and hosts a global peace conference.


Egypt plays diplomatic role in Middle East peace
The New Moon on 9 October is in Libra in a square to Pluto and a quincunx to Neptune on the seventh cusp at London. Egypt plays an important diplomatic role in Middle East peace. Japan launches a diplomatic offensive to guarantee peace in the Far East. Legal battles rise to the top of the agenda and the courts will intervene in foreign affairs. The situation is very complex and there may be multiple judgements which confuse the UK’s attempts to build the security services should defeat a grade-one cyberattack on the UK and its allies.

France intervenes militarily, establishing a new role on world stage

The new Moon on 7 November falls in Scorpio in the seventh house at London, in a trine with Neptune. New security measures should be put in place at Westminster to protect politicians and staff. In Europe the key area of change is the Balkans, and long lost passions cause instability in Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia. Allies will fall out with each other. Enemies will go to war over matters of principle. Religious militants will be on the rise. Venezuela’s government may finally fall, after a steep economic collapse. France is establishing a new role on the world stage, intervening militarily.

Accidental missile launch

The New Moon on 7 December is Sagittarius in the first house at London, in a square to Mars and Neptune. There is a high chance of the world drifting into war through muddle rather than intention. Missiles may be launched accidentally. Scientists will trigger excitement with announcements of significant discoveries about new mineral life in the deep oceans. The international situation looks more relaxed and conflicts will be resolved by shuttle diplomacy and high-level meetings. The USA attempts to expand its legal jurisdiction to other countries and arrests foreign citizens. The drug wars in Mexico hit a new height with the army called in to patrol areas of major cities, and martial law likely for several states. A new government can be expected in Romania.

The planets which are most closely related to economic cycles are Jupiter, which indicates growth, hope and inflation, and Saturn, which rules austerity, fear and contraction. Both are necessary for a balanced economy. Jupiter is weak in Scorpio for most of the year so we should expect low growth and low inflation. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius in mid-November the mood will shift and signs of a take-off in some sectors, particularly those related to transport and aerospace are eminent. US commerce will lead the emerging boom. Saturn is strong in Capricorn indicating the restructuring of old industries and the creation of new infrastructure to support new build, which is the basis of their future prosperity.

Readers will be aware that in previous issues I advised against leaving the EU. When the stars are in a volatile phase, there is a need to promote stability on the ground and in politics. It still seems clear that negotiations will be very complex, protracted and that they will require more compromise from the UK than ‘Leave’ supporters would wish. The volatility of the situation is indicated by Pluto’s square to the UK’s Moon, a position all astrologers recognise will bring very deep, profound change. July is the most intense month. A snap referendum or plans for a Scottish secession are in the frame, and the prospects of the Scottish Nationalists winning are greater than they were at the last attempt.

Speculation on the break up of the European Union is set to continue with little respite. The EU’s founding horoscope is under higher than average pressure, but no more so than one would normally expect in an institution which always lived from one crisis to another. However, a deeper, long-term story is told by the ‘progressed’ horoscope, which has a dangerous Moon-Mars conjunction in January. This is the strongest possible indication of conflict and break-up. There is a high chance of far-right conflicts targeting refugees, but the main story looks like being that at least one other country may follow the UK out of the Union.

The USA is under a negative phase represented by Saturn’s opposition to the Sun. The economy, corporations and institutions are resilient, but the government will be constantly hit by reality checks. While Saturn is retrograde from April to September the country will be dominated by nostalgia. The next three years are reflected by the chart for 20 January 2017, the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump. This took place under a highly stressful ‘T Square’ between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This coincided with the revolutionary mood which brought Trump to power. But, because it is present in his inauguration chart, it tells us about his entire presidency. It is likely that his term in office will be dominated by conflict. At the very moment that Trump became President, the Moon in Scorpio was in a trine with a conjunction of Venus, Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This indicates a high possibility of fraud in government though it seems more likely accidental than deliberate. A major international scandal in December could fit this bill. If Trump fulfils this prophecy, even a replacement President would be handicapped.

Like the USA, Russia is under a significant Saturn transit to its Sun, but with reverse effect. The Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign. Though it appears to be under greater pressure, the government will be even more stable. For example, there are some indications of democratic pressure in July but public opinion, ruled by the Moon in Virgo’s harmonious trine to the Sun, will support the government.

China shares the same Saturn aspect as the USA and Russia. It is in an easier aspect than the USA’s but not as relaxed as Russia’s. So, China remains generally strong and countries who attempt to challenge it economically or strategically will come off the worse for their efforts.