Nida Yasir once again becomes a victim of online trolling over her poorly researched interview


Celebrities getting trolled is no longer a shocking news. In today’s day and age of social media and literally no privacy anywhere, people can troll even the most common person. So, how can these celebrities stay safe from it? It’s worse for them since most of their decisions and acts are done in front of the public, so it’s not like they can hide or refute it. Even if they try to deny it, a 100 people will come up with video and photographic proof of how that ‘thing’ really happened. But there are a few public personalities that don’t seem to learn, no matter how many blunders they commit or however much they are trolled. One particular celeb that gets trolled time and again is Nida Yasir. The most recent blunder that made Nida the most favourite subject of trollers yet again was a video from her morning show Good Morning Pakistan where she was interviewing two students from NUST that had built an electric racing car and were going to the Formula Student in the US. Apparently, the host had done zero research before interviewing the young men which resulted in her asking absurd questions that ended her up in memes and trolls.