Brad Pitt to challenge the ruling in custody battle against Angelina Jolie

The back-and-forth continues in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's heated custody case. Pitt scored a win in May when he was tentatively granted joint custody of their five minor children. However, the order came from Judge John Ouderkirk, who officiated the couple's wedding seven years ago. That led Jolie to try to discount the judge's ruling. According to her legal team, Ouderkirk failed to "disclose multiple professional, business and financial relationships, ongoing during the course of the matter, with Pitt's counsel and their law firms." As such, Jolie retained full-time custody of their kids, while Pitt maintained visitation rights. So, the Moneyball actor is now responding in court, filing a petition with the California Supreme Court to review the case. Pitt's team argues the judge was "improperly disqualified after providing a detailed, fact-based custodial decision," said his lawyer, Theodore J. Boutrous. However, Jolie's lawyer praised the appeals court for disqualifying the judge and giving the Maleficent actress full custody. Jolie hopes Pitt will join her in focusing on the children's needs, voices, and healing.