Jennifer Aniston is preparing to venture into the beauty world

The Friends actress teased in an Instagram post that "something's coming." Though she didn't say what that something could be, the Emmy winner shared two pictures of herself on the set of a photo shoot, none of which showed her face. Additionally, the Hollywood star tagged the account LolaVie, which posted three photos that are captioned "9.08.21." A trademark filing shows The Morning Show actress trademarked the brand name LolaVie on July 31, 2019. According to the filing, LolaVie is licensed to sell lotions, soaps and other beauty products. It makes perfect sense that the 52-year-old star is venturing into the world of beauty. For years, Jennifer has been applauded for her glowing skin. Perhaps her dedication to hydrating and beauty lessons will be reflected in her own skincare brand now. Jennifer isn't just devoted to self care as it relates to physical appearances. The actress recently told InStyle that the pandemic was a time for her to reevaluate her priorities and create a better life for herself.