Ariana Grande debunks her rumoured involvement in Kanye West's album Donda

The 28-year-old pop star set the record straight after many fans speculated that she was involved in Kanye West's much-buzzed-about album Donda. Although the 44-year-old rapper alleged that Universal Music Group released his album early, there's no denying people eagerly listened to his music and tried decoding each lyric. In fact, Ariana’s fans believed the Positions singer teamed up with Kanye after hearing background vocals in the album's title track that sounded eerily similar to hers. However, Ariana took to her Instagram to put the rumours to rest. The Grammy winner revealed that artist Stalone is the voice behind the background vocals, writing in a since-deleted post, "You sound so beautiful @thestalone." "Still so humbled and excited," Stalone shared while re-posting Ariana's caption. "Thank you again, Ari." Stalone continued to gush over Ariana's praise of her vocals. Stalone is one of the many artists who collaborated with Kanye on Donda, which include The Weeknd, Travis Scott and Jay-Z.