Money Heist: Season 5 Volume 1

  • 11 Sep - 17 Sep, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

There’s no denying that Money Heist has been an overwhelming success. Not just in popularity and viewership for Netflix, but the story as well. Money Heist has all the absurd stories and twists that should have derailed the series a long time ago, but somehow it’s made the ridiculousness work. The entertainment is so concisely wielded into the story mapping, and the characters are so well-defined that it’s an intoxicating, addictive formula. Audiences will press play on season five, knowing that it will not let them down. It’s cinematic by nature and action-filled to stimulate the brain. All the writing efforts come to fruition in season five. The heist team has formidably made the audience root for them with their story. Season 5 shows how the concentrated messages created so far have worked. It’s easy to become attuned to the anti-establishment. To go against the status-quo in a world of systemised economic processes. Deep down, we do not want Money Heist to end, but in reality, it would be selfish to demand further seasons with these characters. We’ve exhausted them to a pulp as we have analysed every inch of them since season one. The team behind Money Heist could create more stories, making them wilder, somehow maintaining the excitement. But it does reach a point where it has to be accepted that the story must end.