Dive Club

  • 11 Sep - 17 Sep, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

There have been so many teen dramas these days that show teens drinking and partying that a teen drama geared for kids is refreshing to see. Dive Club, a Netflix Australian import, is one of those rare teen dramas that kids can watch, but its story is definitely not goody-two-shoes. It involves a missing girl and a dude who just got released from prison and a town full of secrets. The girls in the Cape Mercy “Dive Club” – Maddie (Miah Madden), Anna (Aubri Ibrag), Stevie (Sana Shaik) and Lauren (Georgia Davis) are shooting one of their dives. The girls find artifacts from a Victorian-era shipwreck. As they bring their boat – the Indy – into dock, a cyclone starts coming in, and it’s a bad one. As the clouds darken and lightning strikes and wind increase, Lauren says she forgot her phone in the Indy. Maddie seems to be worried about Lauren’s safety as the girls get on their bikes to race home. We see Lauren get the phone then suddenly scream… and Maddie wakes up. She has “Missing Person” posters with Lauren’s picture on them. It’s been days since the cyclone hit Cape Mercy hard, and Lauren is still missing, as is the Indy. Lauren’s father, chief of police Jack Rose (Jai Koutrae), tells Maddie that they’re on top of things. They are determined to find the boat, and if the mast is down, that will prove that Lauren didn’t leave on her own volition.