A grey cloud wouldn’t just have you worried about your schedule for the rest of the day but would also have you worried about your choice of dressing. The rainy season leaves you with two wardrobe choice: you let it mess up your day or you be the sunshine that glows in the gloomy weather. The colour you choose to wear can shape how your day turns out. So, this monsoon season, don't let the downpour and puddles affect your desire to be stylish. Here are six colours you can wear to glow this raining season:

Bright blues

Elegance. That is what comes to mind when you wear blue. Blue is one of the oldest colour in the fashion entree. Any shade of blue will add a spark to a gloomy day. So, lift your spirits wearing this bright attire and look completely trendy.

Ornate orange

No other colour can be as attention grabbing as orange. And this bright and lurid colour is currently the new favourite hue of the season. From dresses to sweatsuits, to blazers and sarees, orange is ruling the roost and we are loving every bit of it.

Hello, yellow!

Yellow is the winning colour this season. This vibrant colour radiates life. A bright yellow shade carries with itself a cheerful look. Little wonder, fashion critics remark that it is becoming a trend. Properly worn, yellow would make you stand out this rainy season.

Beige is the new black

Because bright is sometimes boring. While most people opt for bright hues, an earthy tone like beige gives you just the right feels for a rainy day. And one just can't go wrong with block colouring, so find the right shades of buff and drench yourself in it.

Go green!

Rains remind us of colours of nature and any shade of green surely is in vogue during monsoon. A charming and lovely colour, outfits in green look amazing for the season. This monsoon, choose a stylish green outfit to look radiant and gorgeous in your attire.

Ravishing in red

Red rules all seasons and monsoon are no different. One of the hippest and hot colours, red looks fabulous for any occasion. This monsoon, you can choose a bright red either separately or paired with another brighter colour like orange to put on a stylish look.