A few tips if you're doing your own wedding-day makeup
  • 18 Sep - 24 Sep, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work (not to mention, money). It's basically a universal truth. From booking the venue, catering food, and sending out all those RSVPs, the time leading up to the big day can be a bit of a blur. But, to save some extra cash (and cut out excess stress), you've decided to do your own wedding-day makeup. It could be a little nerve-wracking to create your own beauty look because this isn't just any day; it's your big day. In addition to making sure your makeup holds up, you want it to look damn good in photos.

Have no fear: We've surfed the internet and compiled all the tips you'll need to apply your makeup like a pro, from the pros. Read on for these expert-recommended tips and tricks to nailing that wedding-day beauty look, all by yourself.

Practice, practice, practice

No matter how makeup-savvy you may be, you don't want to wait to apply your wedding-day look for the first time on your wedding day. Practice, practice, practice until you have the look that you want. Then document what you used so that on the wedding day you can refer to your notes to remind you what products you used and how you used them.

Set up a serene space

Not only do you need time to apply your makeup, but you'll need a calm environment in which to do it. Getting-ready rooms can be quite hectic sometimes and well-meaning bridal party members may distract you, so it's important to have some privacy to relax and put on your makeup.

Use a primer

After you've moisturised your skin, you'll want to apply a thin layer of primer. A primer will serve as a temporary corrector, filling in enlarged pores as well as smoothing fine lines and some deeper-set lines. The different textures of primer will also help to prepare the skin. For example, a mattifying primer will help to immediately diminish excess shine while an illuminating primer will give the skin an instant, radiant base for makeup.

Avoid makeup with SPF

While sunscreen is very good for your skin, it can be very bad for your wedding photos. The zinc and titanium oxides that are found in SPF formulas can cause a white cast on the face in flash photography.

If you must slather on sunscreen for your outdoor wedding, make sure it's in your moisturiser and not your foundation.

Don't use white finishing powder

Sunscreen isn't the only thing that will give you a ghostly glow. White finishing powders, too, can cast your face in unflattering ways. When a flash hits the powder on your face, it will give the appearance of clown-white skin.

Define your brows

You don't have to be born with bushy brows to make a statement on your wedding day. Brows are the defining feature on your face, so if you aren't gifted with full, perfectly shaped brows, get out a long-lasting brow product and define what you have, always working with your natural shape.

Avoid sparkly products

Much like SPF and white powders, things that sparkle don't shine in photos. That means any eye shadows, face powders, highlighters with sparkles – they look absolutely terrible in flash photography. Stick with neutral, subtle tones, and more matte eye shadows.

Layer lip colours

Layering on your lips will ensure a long-lasting finish. Begin by conditioning lips with a lip balm to help prep and soften and follow by applying a light layer of lipstick in a satin or cream formula, then swipe your lipstick on a second time to build its colour. Optionally, if you prefer to add the appearance of volume and definition, draw lip liner along or just outside the natural lip line and then feather in the color onto the lipstick. Press lips together to set. Also totally optional: Finish with a light layer of gloss for a multidimensional look.

Splurge on a setting spray

The key to really making your makeup last is using a setting spray. Some formulas last 16 to 18 hours. They prevent makeup from wearing away, and they're sweat-proof and waterproof – although you still can't jump in a pool.

Bring blotting sheets

While you may be tempted to pack a pressed powder in your purse, you should never reapply powder. Instead, use blotting sheets. Always use a blotting sheet to absorb oil. Blotting sheets won't disturb the makeup – they just lift away the oil for a shine-free finish.