Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas Khan starrer ‘Dobara’ challenges the norms with its storyline

Breaking stereotypes

Age is just a number when it comes to relationships, and a few celeb couples are proving that the stereotype surrounding older woman-younger man in a relationship is a thing of the past! Outside the celebrity world, too, couples are normalising relationships in which the woman is older than the man. Finally, this age old stereotype is now ready to be broken on TV too. An upcoming drama titled Dobara is all set to defy stereotypes and break ceilings and we are loving it. Dobara stars Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas Khan as leads. Hadiqa plays the role of a widow who falls in love again with Bilal’s character, a young man of the same age as her son. The teaser for the drama shows that the story basically revolves around Hadiqa, Bilal and Usama’s characters and it powerfully captures complicated family dynamics.