What are the signs that indicate it is time to get help from an expert for stress?

Stress is a normal bodily reaction that everyone experiences from time to time when difficult situations arise. However, when stress becomes unmanageable causing a disturbance in your daily life for long durations, it is best to seek help from a professional. If your work performance has been suffering, if you consume more alcohol, tobacco or other drugs to cope with stress, if your eating and sleeping habits have significantly changed and if you have been withdrawing from friends and family, it could be an indication that you must seek help from a therapist to avoid a downward spiral into unhealthy habits and find healthy ways to manage stress.

What can be done for suicidal thought because of bullying?

The effects that bullying can cause on a person’s mental state can be devastating. Individuals of all ages have been troubled by these traumatic experiences that many have even hurt themselves. Many other individuals have even taken their own lives in order to avoid the chance of being bullied again. However, this does not have to be the answer, there are resources that can help. Listed below are some things that can be done to help people learn how to cope with being bullied:

• Depending on the person’s age the first step is to see a therapist.

• Undergo a psychological evaluation to determine the person’s mental state and true risk of becoming suicidal.

• Continuous session with a therapist will be needed to help bullying victims learn self-esteem and coping skills.

It is important for loved ones of these victims to understand that while their love and support is very important, the main thing is to seek professional help before it is too late.

I’m claustrophobic. I want to know if there are any techniques to deal with claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia as with any phobia, the best way to overcome it would be to be exposed to it. This can help regain a healthy natural coping defense. Often, the first step is to visualise the thing that is feared. For instance, visualising being on a plane or in a small bathroom with lots of people. Pay attention to your heart rate, and consciously take slow deep breaths. The heart rate will begin to slow down with each deep breath. As the heart rates slow down, the mind will also slow down allowing the phobia to become better managed. After practicing this technique enough, it may be possible to actually face the situation itself. Also, doctors may be able to prescribe medications in order to help along the healing process.