Katy Perry details insane early days of motherhood with daughter Daisy

You can say that the pop star has all the tips and tricks when it comes to being a first-time mom. While meeting up with Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King at a local Santa Barbara boutique – as part of a stop on the hosts' tour shared to Oprah Daily – Katy expressed the pinnacle of what motherhood has meant to her so far. "It's everything I was looking for," she shared of her new chapter, adding, "I climbed all the mountains and then I found the view." Katy explained that this store in particular helped get her through those first few unforeseeable weeks of adjusting to life with a newborn. "The first six weeks after giving birth is a total surprise," the singer said. "Your body is feeling insane. You are sleepless." And although the singer herself has proved to be quite the trendsetter over the years, she gave one great piece of advice when it comes to fashion statements made for babies. It sounds like Katy has the ins and outs of motherhood down, considering that Daisy "changed [her] life."