Logitech’s G435 is an upcoming feature-packed wireless gaming headset


Many of Logitech’s previous wireless gaming headsets cost more than $100, but its latest is a relative bargain without compromising too much on comfort or features. The G435 Lightspeed costs $80, comes in three colourways, and can connect wirelessly to a PC or PlayStation console via its USB dongle, and to a phone, tablet, or other devices via a low-latency Bluetooth connection. The headset will be available sometime in September. It comes with many colours and breathable mesh fabric. The ear cups are on rails that allow for easy adjustment. The G435 Lightspeed looks like a traditional wireless gaming headset, except for one major omission: a boom microphone. This may be the lightest gaming headset, weighing 165 grams. Impressively, there’s just a thin piece of breathable fabric wrapped around it. This model charges via USB-C and claims to reach up to 18 hours of battery life per charge. To switch between getting audio from the included USB dongle and Bluetooth, the G435 requires you to manually swap sources by holding the mute button.