Umair Jaswal and Hasan Raheem win big as recipients for PISA Special Awards

It’s a win!

Pakistani entertainment industry is attempting to revive its typical awards season schedule after last year’s mess of delays and awkward Zoom ceremonies brought on by Covid-19, and while select organisations have yet to announce plans for their annual events, most large-scale awards shows are eager to get back on track. This includes 2nd annual Pakistan International Screen Awards. The organisers of PISA 2021 have opened online voting for their exciting list of diverse and glittering award categories. Winners across all categories are to be decided by online voting, with an exception of the PISA Special Awards which include the PISA Youth Icon of the Year Award 2020 and the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award 2020. The two honourees of these special awards were announced by the organisers along with the announcement for the opening of online voting. Umair Jaswal, film/ television actor, singer-songwriter and music producer who began his career in 2008 as lead vocalist of the rock band Qayaas, has earned the PISA Youth Icon of the Year Award 2020. While singer Hasan Raheem, with hit releases like Aisay Kaisay and Joona, is the PISA Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award for 2020.