The Nature of Witches

There's a powerful parable at the heart of Rachel Griffin's lyrical novel The Nature of Witches: If we don't take care of our planet, we're going to lose it. No one knows that better than Clara, an Everwitch whose powers are tied to the changing seasons, for better or worse.

The Road Trip

The Road Trip by Beth O'Leary is an enchanting ride across Great Britain that doubles as an ode to second chances. When exes Dylan and Addie literally crash into each other on the way to a wedding, they end up with no option but to cram themselves into an overcrowded car if they have any hope of making it to the event on time.

Somebody's Daughter

In her debut memoir, Somebody's Daughter, Ashley C. Ford shares the details of how her childhood and young adulthood were impacted by the incarceration of her father. From growing up in poverty to her complex relationship with her mother, Ford's memoir is an unflinching, heartbreaking look at the impact a family member's incarceration can have on the family left behind.