Are we waiting for another Noor to wake up? Justice delayed is justice denied! Time to wake up and show some support. #JusticeforNoor #StandwithNoor

Actress Saba Qamar, like all of us, awaits justice for Noor Mukaddam – who was brutally killed a few months back. The case is ongoing in the court and is a developing story.  

The more they corner our cricket, the stronger we come back. We are known cornered tigers for a reason. The best they could do to our team just before the world cup. Good luck @iramizraja @TheRealPCB, nation is behind you. Heads high, hard work! #PAKvENG #PAKvNZ #Pakistan

Celebrities are backing up our national cricket team after two international teams – New Zealand and England – disappoint millions of cricket fans after cancelling their tour of Pakistan one after another. Farhan Saeed also came in support of our cricket board and players.

An incredible story of a father’s legacy and his daughters quest for gold; dream big and work hard, Shafaq and Khadija – the world is your oyster.

Hania Aamir applauds a father who is fully supportive of his daughters and now Khadija and Shafaq Dar aim to win gold medal for Pakistan in weightlifting. The Dar sisters are daughters of the former national weightlifter and coach Waheed Dar – who always wanted his next generation to do well in weightlifting – the sport that he loved.