How To Be A Cowboy

  • 02 Oct - 08 Oct, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Dale Brisby, a champion rodeo competitor and owner of the Radiator Ranch in West Texas, is a proponent cowboy. But he’s also aware of 21st century promotion. He had a popular YouTube series called Rodeo Time and has fostered a big social media presence. He claims, people from all over the world have written him requesting to do an internship at the ranch, in order to learn how to be a cowboy. He and his ranch are featured on a new Netflix reality series. The ranch does a lot of what you might think a ranch does, like raising cattle, but it also is a training ground for rodeo riders, so it has its share of bucking horses and bulls. Helping Dale is his brother Leroy, a champion roper named Cheech, and a former intern named Donnie. Their new intern, Jorden Halvorsen, is the first female intern they’ve had; she’s a professional bull rider from North Carolina who is on the comeback trail after knee surgery and wants to train on the bulls at the ranch, and is eager to learn ranching along the way. When we mean that the reality of How To Be A Cowboy isn’t real, we’re talking about scenes. But Dale is all about the show, so his boasting and talking about the cowboy way and other antics that remind us of Joe Exotic with better-maintained hair.