Nautical escape

Some of the best holidays are spent at the beach. Sun, striped towels and the abundant sea take you away to dreams beyond your office job or daily routine. How can you make the peaceful, calm and relaxed seaside vibe last until your next holiday? These nautical home decor ideas are the next best thing to sand between your toes. Get closer to your next holiday with our top picks. Read on:

Want an inspirational way to store your stuff? These bamboo storage boxes in white and blue hide your things, in one pretty package. 

This brightly-coloured six-piece artwork shows the ocean in full flow.

Bring a bit of the beach into your home with these beach-inspired coasters made of resin.

Tell time and direction, with this compass-look clock. 

To subdue all the blues and whites, add a hint of brown in shape of a throw pillow.

Seashell bowls are stunning and make a strong coastal statement wherever you place them!

This shore pebbles lamp will instantly transport you to the seaside.