New York man jumps from building, killing 61-year-old standing below

  • 02 Oct - 08 Oct, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
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Two people are dead after a man jumped from a building in Yonkers, New York, landing on an unsuspecting individual standing below. A "distraught" 25-year-old man jumped from the roof of Cromwell Towers apartment complex, where he fell 12 stories and hit the concrete parking garage roof below. He hit a 61-year-old man in his fall, and police said both individuals died at the scene in what they described as "an apparent suicide incident." Now, investigators are interviewing witnesses to the tragedy as well as family members of the deceased, and reviewing surveillance video of the scene. "The incident appears to be a tragic situation and the investigation is on-going," the Yonkers Police Department shared, adding that the city and the police offer their "sincere condolences to the families of both men." Names of the deceased have not been revealed, and the time of the incident was not disclosed. A law enforcement source told PEOPLE that while the police typically do not announce suicides and similar incidents to the public, information was shared because a second person died. A similar situation occurred in San Diego in April, when a man jumped from a nine-story parking deck and killed a 29-year-old woman walking below on impact.