Crystal clear articulation and insight into the situation in #Kashmir - more power to you, @SSaima11 #UNGA2021

This was the first time a speech was read by a blind Counsellor Ms Saima Saleem in braille at the GA debate. She surely is the pride of Pakistan. We couldn’t be more proud of her and so is Hania Aamir.

Ladies, it is not love or affection if they are abusive (verbal or physical), no matter how much they apologise after. Please know the signs and leave the moment you feel threatened. You cannot fix a narcissist or an abuser, it is within them. #ViolenceAgainstWomen #Saveyourself

Armeena Khan schools women to not misunderstand the traits of an abuser no matter how much they are sorry for it later. Abuse of any sort, whether emotional or physical, should not be acceptable at all.

The tragedy with social media? Anyone with a sad life and toxic opinion attempts to rattle others’ peace. Unsuccessfully though #trollsamuseme #getalife

Adnan Siddiqui talks about the unsympathetic toxicity of social media which comes along with its many benefits. Sadly, people on social media think it is their responsibility to shatter others’ peace of mind by imposing their thoughts and believes on them.