KASHMIR The Band’s new song ‘Ayi Bahaar’ is sure to put you in a happy mood

Song review

Even in the best of times, we all have tough days. Often, self-medicating involves a gloomy emo ballad and a stiff drink. And sometimes, you just need an energetic shot of sunny bubblegum pop, a self-affirming banger or a head-bopping rock pick-me-up guaranteed to shift your mood skyward. One such song perfectly calibrated to make you feel good as hell is contemporary pop-rock band KASHMIR’S new fun and peppy track Ayi Bahaar. Welcoming the season of warmth, happiness, and love with their new song, Ayi Bahaar is all things KASHMIR – chilled out, energetic, and unique. The song is accompanied by a funky music video which is directed by Ali Raza Soomro. The video perfectly complements the joyous energy of the music and the fun lyrics.