Shyraa Roy and Kashif Ali's ‘Duniya’ is an upcoming release to look forward to

On the music front

The second half of this year has brought with it a renewed sense of hope for the music industry and the world at large, as the end of the pandemic draws closer and closer. With a return to some degree of normalcy on the horizon, many artists are gearing up to release long-delayed albums and singles. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually get to see these songs performed live in person before the year is out. However, a track to look forward to in this month is the upcoming single by Shyraa Roy and Kashif Ali titled as Duniya. The song is based on a love story showcasing three different eras i.e. ‘90s, ‘00s and the present year. The music for the song is produced by Shiraz Uppal, is powered by Bu Abdullah and has been directed by Jahanzeb UG. While Shyraa herself is producing the project in collaboration with Apple Tree Studios.