Sadaf Kanwal - Woman of Wonder

The Pakistani supermodel Sadaf Kanwal has been the ‘It’ girl of tinsel town for the longest time. In her easy-charm, bold brows and magical looks, our fashion industry appears to have discovered its own Greek goddess. She is intense, she is bold; she has the power to entrap the snare of camera's lens. From being glorified at billboard high, to entrancing the masses with her exotic belly dance in Kaif-o-Suroor, she knows it all. Having worked with the crème de la crème of the fashion fraternity, she has bagged a couple of prestigious awards for her modelling spells. Taking the reins of her life, she has lived through her dreams and still continues to do so.

Here, the model generally known for her audacious style, channels her inner ethnic beauty in jaw dropping traditional wear. We can’t help but swoon over how gorgeous these pieces are. Kanwal here sports all things embroidered in different shades and silhouettes. Embroidery in Pakistan has come a long way. As fashion trends changed with time, Pakistani embroidery adapted to the new climate and managed to remain elegant and sophisticated.

While each embroidery technique possesses its specialty, one thing is for certain, each one of them makes a serious style statement. Speaking of embroidery, although embroidered kurtas and shirts enjoy a sort of universally accepted elegance that makes them great sartorial picks for most occasions, embroidered trousers have also become a mainstay in most wardrobes.

Apart from embroidered pants, frilled trousers have been making waves this year for all the right reasons. When bell-bottoms took the spotlight at the beginning of 2017, we weren't exactly surprised.

But after the bell-bottom came the palazzo pants. And while it seems like a natural progression, it turns out designers ditched the idea and turned to a new sartorial accoutrement, instead: frills. Sure, they sound extra, but most frilled trousers are easy to wear and pair, just like any other trouser.

Moving on from trousers and embroideries, if fitted dresses aren’t your thing and you’d rather go long and flowy, you’re in luck because the flared silhouette is a major trend for seasons to come. And speaking of flared silhouettes, nothing’s better than a graceful and stylish piece like a timeless pishwas. Whether it’s shaadi, engagement, or just a small family occasion, investing in an ornate pishwas set can be the best sartorial decision you make.

• Designer: Sadia Aamir
• Photography: Raza Jaffri
• Hair & Makeup: Ikram Gohar
• Shoot Management: Afifa J. Maniar
• Styling: Thomas Fernandes