Drugs are really damaging our youth and are so easily available in schools, colleges and universities. Our government needs to check on this and as parents we have to keep an eye on children, discipline them and tell them to get back home before Maghrib. Azaadi ho choot nahi!

Fahad Mustafa voices his concern over our youth increasingly indulging in the consumption of drugs which surely is ruining our future generations. The actor also was of the opinion that it is okay to keep a check on the activities of your children.

The nation mourns the passing of another great legend, the King of Comedy. He shall be missed by a multitude of fans across the world. Umer Shareef Sahab, thank you for all the laughter and joy you brought into our lives. Nobody can ever replace you. RIP. #UmerShareef

Mehwish Hayat, along with the entire nation, is mourning over the irreparable loss of the legendary Umer Shareef. Condolences started pouring in from the entertainment industry as soon as the news of his demise broke the internet.

Britney is free.
Syria and Palestine can wait.
(This is sarcasm, sucks that I have to point it out).

Ushna Shah sarcastically pointed out the negligence of the world leaders who are overlooking the oppression that people are facing in Syria and Palestine. This inhumane maltreatment of Muslims around the world has to stop.