Namra Shahid - Carvinag Her Own Niche

If the main character in your movie is a straitlaced do-gooder, or really, blandly relatable in any way, you’re going to need some eccentric figures to bring some spice to the party. More than mere sidekicks, these characters either make the world they inhabit feel dangerous and chaotic or bring order to insanity by sheer force of personality. They are characters that make your ears perk just as the movie or show starts to lose you. Character actors are tasked with making movies more interesting, but only the best of them succeed. One such actress who never fails to make good dramas great, great dramas classic, and terrible dramas almost watchable is Namra Shahid.

Namra’s magic stems from her range, which runs from dramas like Romeo Weds Heer, Darr Khuda Say, Ghar Jamai, and many more. Her comic timing allows her to play everything from a downtrodden wife in Saya Deewar Bhi Nahi to a growling vamp in Bholi Bano. Possessing leading lady looks and chops with a character actor’s transformative ability, Namra Shahid is nothing less than fantastic. Here, she has us enthralled with her outfits. From ravishing embroideries, prints and fabrics to channeling her sultry side in soft hues, Namra is high on glamour. The one thing that’s instantly attention grabbing to us is the soft, sheer and almost irresistibly pretty organza dupatta draped by the starlet. 

Organza is in! And well, it has been in for quite some time now in shape of sarees, dresses and so much more. But the trend that makes this fabric look all the more elegant and trendy is the floral organza dupatta trend. Printed in florals, this organza dupatta has elegant details of scallops along its edges. The scalloped details look absolutely stunning when paired with kurta suits.

Speaking of kurtas, embroidered kurtas paired with matching or contrasting separates will stay a fashion favourite for years to come. Recognised for the beauty they can add to understated garments, embroidered details can make your outfit really come to life.

That being said, with all the upcoming trends, we have come down to an undeniable conclusion that the star of an Eastern girl’s wardrobe is none other than chikankari! An artfully embroidered chikankari kurta is the desi epitome of minimalist clothing. It’s delicate, meticulous and dreamy fabric has the ability to make any outfit shine out.

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Angie’s Salon
Designer: Yasmin Zaman
Jewellery: Sarah Shahid
Photography & Styling: Hussain Piart