One of our biggest problems in today’s day and age is #mentalhealth we must highlight it and spread awareness whenever we can. We are all in this together!

This Mental Health Day, actor Maya Ali opinionated that we should all make efforts in spreading awareness regarding mental health, which usually takes the back seat but it is highly essential for us to give it as much importance as we give to our physical wellbeing.

"Verily we belong to the Almighty and verily to Him do we return." Rest in peace, #DrAbdulQadeerKhan - your services to #Pakistan will never be forgotten. Thoughts and prayers with your family and loved ones.

We recently lost the pioneer of our country’s atomic capability, our national hero Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. The nation will always be indebted for his remarkable services in making Pakistan the world’s first Islamic nuclear power. Hania Aamir sends her condolences to his family over this huge loss.

Every award show ends with a slew of sermonising comments under the photos of all female celebrities making character judgments about how good or bad she is based on her outfit. Honestly, this is the real superficiality. Judging a person’s inner nature based on an outfit choice. If you think verbal abuse (well intended or justified in your minds perhaps) makes you a good person, please check again.

Masha Pasha lashes out on people who after every major award function within the country start a debacle about the dressing of our female celebrities of the industry. The judgments, the trolls and the swearing really becomes uncontrollable at times.