What are some things that someone with PTSD can do to make daily life more tolerable?

PTSD can make a person feel vulnerable, helpless, and alone. Activities that can help you regain a sense of control, connection, and security include:

1) Taking positive action to help others which increases your sense of competence and confidence.

2) Engaging in outdoor activities to reconnect with nature releases your endorphins.

3) Being around positive people to help you regain a sense of belonging and reassurance.

4) Meditating and using relaxation strategies to decrease anxiety.

5) Reminding yourself of your strengths and coping skills.

6) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, talk to someone with whom you can confide. As you tell your story, you release the trauma that has been locked away inside which helps the healing happen.

How do I find the motivation to get up every day and follow a routine when the whole world feels chaotic?

We want to start off by saying it's important to recognise what your desires are. Do you feel like you're supposed to be following a routine, or is this something that you naturally desire? This is a time to be gentle and compassionate toward yourself and there are no rules for how you spend your time at home. If a routine is what you desire, create a schedule but leave room for grace in case you don't end up following it. Pretend that you are getting up to go to work, or school, or to do whatever day-to-day activities you used to. Do the simple things like make your bed in the morning, put on lounge clothes you love and feel good, do your hair and even make-up if that's your thing. Find ways to connect with others through Zoom calls or FaceTime and find interactive apps where you can play games and socialise with those who you would normally spend your time with but can't right now.

How do you help a friend living with Bipolar Disorder?

Offer an ear and full-hearted acceptance. Listen if they’d like to talk. It can be difficult to know how to help a friend deal with an issue you’ve never experienced personally, but everyone has felt scared or sad or angry, which is what they’re likely feeling, too. Ask them how you can help and reassure them that you care so they feel supported and you get to feel good about helping your friend.