Ali Ashraf releases an eccentric music video for his song ‘Sangdil Sheher’

On the music front

Considering that music videos are still relatively new as a concept – artists didn't begin putting effort into purpose-made clips for their songs until around the 1970s – it's managed to excel as an art form, often expressing and condensing some seriously impressive emotions and stories into a three or four-minute-long clip. But amidst the various works of art and beautiful creations are some downright freaky, weird and plain strange music videos, which we absolutely love. Singer/songwriter Ali Ashraf has released the video of his much awaited song Sangdil Sheher. The whacky video shows the underbelly of a town and is highly inspired from Gotham. The video is directed by Ali Ashraf himself and shot by Faani Films. Talking about his experience as a director, Ashraf said, “With the crew and team I had we were able to pull it off. The biggest challenge was for myself as a protagonist to come up with the look of an unforgettable character and a menace inspired by the likes of the Joker and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I wanted to show Islamabad’s underbelly tones, especially the streets that we shot in, in the basement areas. The character I play was basically a guy falling through the cracks of a rotten town.” “It was a very creative cinematic experience for me and a boost as a film maker and singer to create something big. I hope people like the song,” he continued.