Another Life: Season 2

  • 23 Oct - 29 Oct, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Just like you could never underestimate Another Life’s ability to contrive scenarios, you can never underestimate the appetite for science-fiction. Thus, a show that wasn’t particularly well-received critically or even amongst the general audience received a second season, and, well, here we are. Just like with the first season, you can’t fault Another Life for its pulpy, energetic sense of self, even if you can fault it for basically everything else. The idea of casting Sackhoff, a beloved queen of Nerddom, as a morally ambiguous space captain, remains a good one. However, nobody is good enough that you’d be willing to overlook all of that stuff – at least not all at once. 10 episodes are just, let’s be frank, far too many. Admittedly this second batch of episodes is shorter overall, so the experience is breezier, but it lacks that engaging sense of mystery the first season has because the threat and the stakes are much clearer. Speaking of the stakes, the second season finds the crew of the Salvare having witnessed the destruction of an entire planet by the Achaians and, after a daring but somewhat implausible escape through the resultant debris, finding themselves the only thing standing between peace and potentially planet-destroying war. The messiness of the plotting isn’t just in the high-level stuff but also in the simplest dynamics and interactions between the crew.

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