The Trip

  • 30 Oct - 05 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

The Trip is a Norwegian black comedy thriller. For some reason, The Trip doesn’t open with a crazy scene that’s on a suspenseful cliff before flashing back to the beginning. So, a husband and wife sit arguing and the conversation gets pretty nutty and out there and, as we suspected, they’re just actors on the set of a soap opera. He chitchats with a co-worker about how he and his wife are going up to the cabin this weekend and he stresses repeatedly how she wants to go on a long hike into the mountains, and isn’t that dangerous? On his way home, he stops to visit his dad at the nursing home so the old man can question his manhood. Then he goes to the hardware emporium for a hammer, a hacksaw, some rope and a duct tape. He picks up Lisa (Rapace), and the bickering starts immediately. Their professional lives are lousy and the poison’s bled into their personal lives. They get to the cabin and as he unloads his collection of suspicious tools, the camera lingers on a cabinet full of shotguns, and as she mills about the kitchen, the camera gets a lens full of butcher and bread knives. Why? No reason. Just the usual stuff you’d find in a cabin in the Norwegian forest where you might go hunting and then need to cut up the animal you killed. The revelation that they want to kill each other in the most literal fashion comes at the 21-minute mark of a 114-minute movie, so it’s not a spoiler to say things escalate from there.