One Night In Paris

  • 30 Oct - 05 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

One Night In Paris is a French comedy special starring some of France’s most popular comedians. The show stars Roman Frayssinet, Kyan Khojandi, Djimo, Kev Adams, Bun-hay Mean, Vérino, Hakim Jemili, Pierre-Emmanuel Barré, Fadily Camara, Shirley Souagnon, Tom Villa and Camille Lellouche. One Night in Paris begins with a sketch poking fun at the ways comedians coped with their lack of audiences, both funny and poignant. Then the show jumps suddenly into the first of many short stand-up sets. Every joke was punching down and making fun of people. This was, unfortunately, a frequent theme throughout the program. The biggest problem with the special though, besides the sets with truly poor taste, was that it was clearly recorded many months ago. The social markers have changed so dramatically and quickly throughout the pandemic that even commentary or jokes that could have made sense two months ago no longer might feel timely. Lastly, the best parts of the show were the short sketches between a few of the sets. We wish the entire special had been a sketch show in the vein of the few sketches that took place rather than the uneven stand-up that went on.