The King’s Affection

  • 30 Oct - 05 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix series The King’s Affection is a historical Korean drama. It’s the story of a young woman, played by Park Eun-bin, who’s forced to pass herself off as a male prince during the Joseon Dynasty. Inside the royal palace, a dark and stormy night can be heard. Birth! It’s a prince! But wait – there’s more! A princess as well! And it’s a tragedy. The king, who should be a proud grandfather, declares the girl “an abomination.” She befouls the prince by merely existing. Grim grandpa orders the newborn girl to be killed, along with pretty much everyone who knows she exists. The king’s assassins descend upon the Royal Maternity Directorate, and upon besting what appears to be the Royal Maternity Directorate’s armed security force – they begin the slaughter of nurses and maids and doctors and passersby and everyone who had the misfortune of looking at a helpless adorable newborn child. But when the lead assassin arrives, he’s informed that the girl is already dead. She stopped breathing, her mother insists. And there lies the baby, lifeless. The assassin departs and what we knew to be true was – she lives. The child is secreted away, never to be seen again. A decade passes. Young Lee Hwi is the royal prince. We meet Dam-i, one of the court maids; the camera shows us the scar on her neck, which must be just a passing detail, not at all of any importance.

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