3 sisters were born on the same day, each 3 years apart

  • 30 Oct - 05 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A set of Florida parents have been blessed three times over, as they've welcomed all three daughters on the very same day, exactly three years apart. Kristin Lammert tells PEOPLE that she never expected to give birth to her three girls on the same day, but Sophia, six, Giuliana, three, and Mia, two months, clearly had other plans. Though each girl has their own unique story as to how they entered the world, all made their grand entrance on August 25 – Sophia in 2015, Giuliana in 2018, and Mia in 2021. "It simply feels surreal," says Kristin. "We were not 'aiming' for this, but we find it to be incredibly special, unique, and like it was fate." The Lammert's triple miracle started back in 2015 when the Oviedo-based mom was pregnant with the couple's first child. With three of their daughters now sharing birthdays – a likelihood that has about an eight in one million chance, according to University of Minnesota sociology professor Rob Warren – Kristin says she and her husband Nick were left stunned. It's not just a birth date that the youngsters share, either – Kristin says her girls have also developed an unbreakable bond. "They are incredibly close to each other," she says. "They have a special relationship and friendship, and it's really sweet to see." Looking ahead to the future, Kristin says she's excited to "see their personalities develop over time."