Shaan Shahid

Madam #NoorJehan is the vocal identity of Pakistan. Her voice lives in all of us from the elitist till the common man; from the ghazis and shaheeds of #1965defenceday till all the ones who live today will always be a part of her voice her songs. We must learn to love and respect our own legends.

Mansha Pasha

Sad that religious intolerance has spread so far in India that cricketers have to come to each other’s defense like this. It’s a game for God’s sake! Don’t ruin the sport for the sportsmen by this over the top so called nationalism.

zainab abbas

Winning is one thing but winning with 10 wickets in hand is an incredible achievement by Pakistan. A perfect performance. Simply outstanding by @babarazam258, @iMRizwanPak and not to forget the superstar @iShaheenAfridi, magical with the ball, made it talk when no one else did.

Asim Azhar

I’m sorry I really couldn’t resist… How’s the tea and security now? P.S. I’m sorry to people who get annoyed by my twitter commentary… I can’t keep calm. I’m just a crazy Pakistan cricket fan. #T20WorldCup