Stuck Together

  • 06 Nov - 12 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Stuck Together is a lighthearted Covid comedy about a collection of Parisian residents forced by government decree to ride out lockdown together in their courtyard apartment building, whether they like it or not. It’s early 2020, and France, like the rest of the world, has installed lockdown mandates in hope of slowing the spread of Covid-19. As we join the residents of one of the city’s courtyard apartments, they’re out on their balconies, clapping and clanging away on pots and pans as part of the nightly display of civic unity and healthcare worker gratitude. Tony (Francois Damiens) lives in the ritzy top floor duplex with his children, Basile and teenager Victoire. In voiceover, Basile tells us that his dad thinks Covid is good because it only kills senior citizens, who are a drain on society. Martin (Dany Boon) and Claire (Laurence Arne), meanwhile, live on the second floor with their daughter Louna. Musician Agathe (Alison Wheeler) and personal trainer David (Tom Leeb) live across from Tony, and are expecting their first child. Kindhearted Diego (Jorge Calvo) is struggling to keep up the building concierge services usually handled by his wife, who is hospitalised with Covid. Information about the virus is scarce, and driven by frantic news reports. Over time, the residents realise they don’t know each other at all, or at least know only each other’s proclivities and prejudices, traits that become more pronounced in the pressure cooker environment of life during lockdown. When they take a moment to offer a helpful hand to each other, the little world they live in becomes a much better place.