Misfit: The Series

  • 06 Nov - 12 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix’s comedy musical drama Misfit: The Series is similar to everyone’s childhood favourite High School Musical. The story revolves around the students of Hoogland Squadland musical high school which is built on the hopes and dreams of its students. This Dutch series has eight episodes. The show introduces us to Julia, her new roommate Jason and other misfits on the school campus. This year the misfits are in for a big turn of events as the new headmistress Agnes is stricter than any before her and finds a way to sabotage everything the misfits plan to do. At the core of the story is a musical in which headmistress Agnes objects to any fun activity, including the musical but, the misfits being who they are plan to pull it off anyway. Sneaking under the new principal’s nose, the gang works on making their musical a successful event but, as the story progress, we see that headmistress Agnes has finally smelled the schemes being made keeping her in the dark and she is hell-bent on making the misfits lives difficult. This coming of age teen musical drama explores the love, friendships and aspirations of kids trying to cross the threshold into adult life. Also, the series deserves a nod for the good choreography and soundtrack that gets you moving.

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