Structured simplicity

Deriving from the Nordic Retreat interior trend of 2019, structured simplicity is all about stripping interiors back to basics, using neutral colours and high-quality natural materials to create a calm, cosy and relaxed space. Switch the bold and daring colours for new neutrals; these tones help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and help to emit a Zen feeling. Structured simplicity works in every room of the home, helping to uplift and regenerate to create an inviting space which you can retreat to after a long day. Below, we’re going to look at how you incorporate the trend into your home!

Art: Structured simplicity is all about feeling good, feeling cosy so chose pieces for your wall that make you feel good.

Materials: Cotton, cane webbing, wicker and wood are going to be your best friends here. Just remember the key word – simple.

Lighting: You guessed it – keep lighting… simple, we love statement, design led pieces that make the room but don’t take all the attention.

Decoration: Go for carefully selected accessories that speak to you, remind you of somewhere or something, like these white vases that hold flowers picked on a walk.

Colours: Structured simplicity doesn’t have to begin and end with beige. There are a range of new neutrals that perfectly nail this trend.

Accent pieces: This wall mirror is the perfect way to expand your smaller, simpler space while also adding a timeless, beautiful accent piece.

Storage: To encompass the structured simplicity trend, think about clever storage solutions, like this coffee table with pull apart storage.